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‘Love is blind’ is the most popular phrase to have graced this earth when people are making a reference to love. Love is an emotion that would make people do unimagineable things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Everyone must have done something weird or crazy for someone they love. We all love a love story and this is definitely one that would thrill you.

I surfed the net and asked people too to come up with this list. Enjoy

Vanessa Mendez donated a kidney to her husband and this is what she had to say about it “I gave him my heart a long time ago, so what’s a kidney now?” That’s really a wife that loves her husband; you may call it crazy but she does love her man and can’t do without him.

Some years back, one of the craziest videos on marriage proposal went round the internet; I was even shocked at it; a man had to fall off a tall building and land on an air bag just to propose to his girlfriend; it was crazy and the most important thing is that she said yes. He did that cos he loved her and it’s one of the craziest proposals I’ve ever seen. I definitely wouldn’t do that for a lady I love. But if you think this is a crazy marriage proposal, then read on.

This is no movie, happened real; something I know of from a personal point of view. A woman cheated on her husband and got a kid from the man she was sleeping with. Now picture this guys; what would you do in this situation; forgive her or kick her out? Well, this man forgave the wife and accepted her son. You may call him crazy but he sure loves that woman.

Alexey Bykov may not be a name that you would know but his act is surely one to be remembered. This Russian man staged his own death. To make it real, he hired a movie director, a script writer, make-up artists and stuntmen to stage the accident. His girlfriend came to the scene of the event only to find her boyfriend lying lifeless with the paramedic telling her he’s dead. Picture her emotion at this stage; then her boyfriend pops up with a freaking balloon asking her to marry him. This by far is the craziest proposal I’ve ever heard of; read what Alexey had to say “I wanted her to realise how empty her life would be without me and how her life would have no meaning without me.” Wow

Jordan Cardella is one name that would keep you smiling; that’s if you know his story. He’s a 20-year-old kid that loves his ex girlfriend and wants her back. Of all the ways to get a girl back, the only one that came to his mind was to shoot himself so that his girlfriend would apologise. He got his friend to shoot him thrice and his so-called good friend shot him once and decided that was enough and rushed him to the hospital. Guess who showed up? His girlfriend? No, the cops.

I was tempted to ask a friend what’s the craziest thing he’s done for a lady and his reply made me laugh. He said, when he was in school he bought a Blackberry phone for his girlfriend with his school fees and his feeding money and had to starve for a week. I actually didn’t know what to say to him; all I did was laugh.

On a personal basis, I really don’t know the craziest thing I’ve done, maybe because I haven’t met that lady that I love crazy. But people have done crazy things for love, what can you do?


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