Tips on How to Collect & Maintain Diecast Models

Everybody loves cars. There is something about the looks of those beasts that makes them irresistible. Unfortunately, not many can afford them and only a few can afford more than one. Fortunately, there are diecast models. These models, made by casting metal alloys in a die, are miniature versions of cars and other vehicles. They allow you to have a large collection of amazing cars, both old and new, in your possession.

But to have an awesome collection, it is important to know how to collect and maintain them. Well, here are the best tips to help you out:

1. Understanding Diecast Models:

Before you indulge in the world of diecast models, some background research would certainly be necessary. Diecast models are usually made of metal alloys, but other materials are certainly used. Each of these materials asks for a separate standard of maintenance. Diecast models come in different sizes, depending largely on the scaling involved. Not every model is of equal value; some are more valuable than others. A thorough read of everything about diecast models would probably leave you more informed and smart as a collector.

2. Finding the Right Storage:

Even before you start collecting diecast wholesale models, you need to think ahead. If you are hoping to have a large collection of models, the first thing you would need is ample space. The space could be a locked storage space or an open showcase, depending on whether you want to exhibit your collection or not. In any case, there are certain requirements for an ideal storage space. It must be dry, as moisture can damage the casing of the models. The space must be at room temperature. Minimal dust should enter the space; even then, ensure periodic dusting of the models.

3. Maintaining the Model:

Once you buy the models, the real work would only start. Maintaining diecast models can be a pain, but not so much if you know the right tips. A diecast maintenance kit would usually fetch you all the items you would need for the purpose, like cleaning solution, applicators, and wax. Waxing is a particularly important process to ensure that your models keep shining over the years. Specialized anti-tarnish bags are available to avoid tarnish and dust from damaging your models. To clean dust from hard-to-reach insides, compressed air can work.

4. Don’t Forget the Display:

Choosing a display is quite important, especially for those planning to exhibit their collection to others. A display should be able to fit your models of varying shapes and sizes. Most collectors go for a prefabricated display case. They are a preferred choice because they come in a variety of sizes, so there is a good chance that you might find the one that suits your needs. Getting a pre-built case is also quick and saves you a lot of hassle.

5. Making a Customized Display:

In case a prefabricated case does not satisfy your needs, there is always the option of a customized display case. Customized displays certainly cost more and consume time, but they are always worth it. Especially if you have very specific ideas about the exhibition of your models, the customized displays should be your choice. Another perk of customized display is choosing the material of your choice.

6. Prefer Keeping Mint:

People don’t realize this, but a mint-condition model can fetch a price many times higher than an unboxed one. For people who plan to sell the models in the future, keeping them in mint condition is absolutely crucial. As any experienced diecast wholesale collector would tell you, the mint condition is the difference between a new and a used item. Even for those who have no immediate plans to sell, it would be smart to keep it in the box.

7. Opening for Your Pleasure:

Despite the obvious benefits of keeping the models boxed, some people can’t just resist the temptation. Especially if you are collecting for your own pleasure rather than for trading, it would make sense to use it any way you want. However, many owners have regretted this decision when years later they realized that the box edition of their models is now worth a lot. There is a simple solution to this dilemma: buy two copies of every model you want. In that way, you can keep one in mint condition and use the other for any other purpose.

8. Start Small:

Diecast models come with scaling, that is, how much times smaller the model is compared to the actual car. Most diecast models are in the scale range of 1:87 and 1:148. Some experienced collectors prefer big models, as big as 1:12. However, these require a lot of storage space and maintenance efforts.

For collectors who are just beginning or who do it as a mere hobby, it is always better to start with small models. The 1:64 is an ideal scale for many reasons. It is a standard scale, so you can be assured to find a model of this size for most cars. The scale is small enough for easy maintenance. It is not rare or requires custom diecasting, so the cost is also on the lower side.

9. Shop Online:

Online shopping is touching every field, and diecast models are no different. There are a variety of specific and general-purpose e-commerce sites that offer diecast wholesale models. They are much more accessible than regular brick-and-mortar shops, which are quite rare to find. Online shopping also offers you a huge variety of models. The only downside is the difficulty in judging the quality of the model, but some sites like eBay offer ways to know that too. Online shopping can also land you some great discounts occasionally.

10. Be First to Buy:

With diecast wholesale models, the timing could be everything. Most companies choose to release their products as a limited edition, i.e., a limited number of models for a specific period of time.

Even in those limited runs, models from the first batches are even rarer. Needless to say, it is always advisable to buy diecast models as quick as you can. For people who simply love collecting models, it would a prudent measure before the models disappear from the shelves. For those who invest in these models, getting rare limited-edition collectibles would promise great returns.

Collecting diecast models can be great fun, but keeping it shiny and pristine is even better. With the right tips on your hands, you can certainly improve the joyride.