Gone are those days when house chores were termed a woman’s work and left for the woman entirely. Also, these days, it isn’t only the men that are erring in that aspect; a lot of women are lazy to do the chores these days and it can cause huge problems in the marriage.

There are so many chores to do in a home, and it would be unfair to leave everything or a majority of the chores to just one partner. Chores should be evenly split within couples and according to their strengths and capabilities.

Marriage is about love, togetherness, sharing and also caring for each other, and a marriage where couples don’t share the chores or do them together could be said to be lacking these four things.

A recent study by Professor Matt Johnson, a family ecology professor at the University of Alberta has found that couples who share chores might have better sex. This goes on to show that such couples have better intimacy and understanding in their marriage.

According to Professor Matt Johnson: “A division of household labour perceived to be fair ensures that partners feel respected while carrying out the tasks of daily life,” He wrote in his report.

It’s unfair to leave the chores to just one partner; it doesn’t depict love and every other thing a marriage should be about. When couples learn to do things together, it would further help strengthen their relationship, and the opposite could be said about a marriage where one partner is reluctant to do the chores. Such a marriage is usually filled with chaos, quarrelling and frequent misunderstanding.

Can I marry a partner who wouldn’t help in the chores? Definitely not!


That’s our take on today’s Sunday Love Special; what do you think about a partner that wouldn’t do the chores?