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It’s another Sunday and it’s time for another edition of Elcrema Sunday Love Special. Today’s topic is a very dicey one and one that needs caution.

Dating a friend’s ex is controversial enough but dating your best friend is even way more controversial.

This promises to be an interesting topic as Drama and Shawn go head to head on this one, and they have slightly different views on the matter.


Asking me if I can date my best friend’s ex is like asking if I can date my brother’s ex because that’s what it is. Friendships exist in levels and there is a level of friendship you have with a person, and you consider him your blood, your brother… Imagine dating your brother’s Ex, or to put it more plainly, imagine dating the same woman your brother has dated and moved on from. It is wrong in whatever sense you wanna look at it…

Best friends are like brothers and they live (or should live) by a code, including not dating or having any sort of emotional attachment to the same women, whether or not they’re in a serious relationship with them. This is borne out of respect for each other; I mean, I can’t imagine my close friend dating the same woman I have dated because once you love a person, the feelings will always be there, and most of the time, they don’t go away even after break up.  If you’ve been in a serious relationship (and been through a bad break-up), you understand how break-ups happen, and sometimes you don’t even wanna leave your lover, but because your partner wants it, you kinda give in…Now, imagine waking up one day to learn that your best friend is now seeing (dating) the same person.  It can hurt one’s self-esteem; it’s like blatantly telling you your best friend is a better person than you are. I definitely can’t accept that, if you’re my best friend, you gotta have my back and respect me enough to stay away from everyone called ‘my Ex’.

Again, this person you wanna date is the same person that has been with your friend for months (if not years), and it didn’t work out between them both, now you wanna get entangled with him/her? No way! If it couldn’t work out between this person and your friend, what makes you think it will be any different with you in the frame? And don’t tell me about love because we can control our feelings and emotions.

For me, friends can share everything; from clothes to cars and gadgets, but when it comes to ‘Exes’, it’s a no-go!

Click below to read Shawn’s very different opinion

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