There are a few food items that everyone loves to eat. No matter you are on a diet or are eating without thinking about the extra kilos you might put on after the meal, you would always want to go for a steak. Steak, basically, is a sliced piece of meat that comes with enough nutrition to keep your body healthy. It is not only filled with fibers but at the same time, has the right amount of proteins.

Cutting the steak in the right manner is indeed imperative. You need to make sure that the knives you use in order to cut it are sharp enough to help you with the process, and also does not strip the steak away from all its juice and flavour.

It is a widely accepted thought that preparing a good piece of steak is easy; finding the perfect knife to cut it is difficult! The knife that you will buy for this purpose would have become your choice either because it’s too good looking, or its sharpness in cutting the meat for you. When you have to choose one of these two options, it surely becomes a daunting task. That one place where you would not only be able to enjoy a perfectly cooked steak but will also be able to eat it with the right kind of cutlery is Boefish. It serves you with the juiciest steaks ever, making it possible for you to eat healthily, yet have the most delicious food ever. Also, the knives used by the steakhouse are sharp enough to serve you well and is aesthetically pleasant at the same time.

NameWeightProduct linkSize
J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL 8-pc Steak Knife Set3.3 poundsView on Amazon4.5″
DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set3.84 ouncesView on Amazon9.7*0.8
Equinox 4-Piece Steak Knife Set9.6 ouncesView on Amazon5.2 x 1
Chicago Cutlery 4-Piece Walnut Tradition Steak Knife Set11.2 ouncesView on Amazon10 x 10
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Gourmet High-Carbon Stainless Steel Steak Knives11.2 ouncesView on Amazon5.5 x 1

If you are on a shopping spree, some of the best options pertaining to steak knives are as follows:


Manufactured using some high-quality stainless steel blade, the steak knife set by J.A Henckels is surely one of the best options available to you. The first thing that a person looks for while buying steak knives is it being sharp enough to cut all kinds of steaks, and this surely is one of the sharped ones. The blades used in them are 4.5’’ and stay sharp for many years.

The steak knives by JA Henckels have three rivet handles. This feature of the steak knife further adds to the credibility in its working. Along with this, it makes holding the knife quite easy and you won’t get it slipped from your hands no matter which steak are you having.

A pack of these steaks comes with a set of eight. This means that the knives set are highly affordable. All you need to spend on it is 34.95$, and you will end up with exactly eight knives instantly. All these eight knives are stamped constructed which makes their usage troublefree.

The knives set offered by this company is resistant to corrosion. No matter what kind of water do you use to wash it, it will never get crude, nor will it ever lose its shine.

DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set – Gladiator Series – German HC Steel – w/Sheaths

Although a bit on the expensive side, these knives sets are surely some of the best ones available in the market. That one thing that sets them apart from the other available options is the design using which they are made. Contrary to other steak knives made up of traditional designs, these knives come up with a contemporary layout which attracts the user to the most.

The performance of the steak knives set made by DALSRONG is surely its stand out feature. No matter how many times you use it, and for how many years you have kept it, it will always work perfectly whenever you would use it.

Made up with German steel which is high in carbon, these knives are extremely sharp. The sides of these knives are well engineered so that can tolerate all the level of heat quite well. Therefore, even if you are a fan of a bit harder steak which is extremely hot, these steak knives will not disappoint you ever!

The polish of the knives is quite a study one. This means that even if you are a steak addict and love to have it every single night, the shine of these knives will still not wear off. For many years to come, they will serve you just the way they did when you used them for the first time.

In case you are buying a gift for someone who has recently shifted to a new house, there is no option better than this knife set. The person receiving them will be grateful to you forever for introducing him to such a classy piece of cutlery.

Equinox 4-Piece Steak Knife Set, Serrated Edge Steak Knives, Dark Wood

This four-piece set of knives by Equinox is quite popular amongst steak lover! The quality with which these knives come with is extremely fine and shows its amazing craft. That one reason why it is better than all its competitors is the stainless steel construction. This steel, itself, includes a high quantity of carbon which makes it a reliable option to go for.

Furthermore, the blades are quite sharp. They are of such fine quality that they won’t rust no matter how frequently do you use them. The knives will fit in your hands perfectly and will make sure you are at ease while using them.

The looks of these knives by Equinox are highly pleasant. Unlike the cheap knives that you don’t really like the looks of, these knives are aesthetically pleasing and make your dining table as royal as it can. The two rivets attached to the knives further add to the beauty of the knives set.

Another amazing feature that sets these knives apart from others is the packing in which they come. No matter you have ordered them online, or are buying them from the shop, they will definitely impress you by the beautiful packing in which they come.

Also included is a warranty of a lifetime. This means that, throughout your life, you can use the knives set made by Equinox without worrying about them getting worse in a situation, and losing all the money. The moment they start troubling, you can always use the warranty that the company provides to its customers.

Chicago Cutlery 4-Piece Walnut Tradition Steak Knife Set

Coming with a lifetime warranty, the Chicago Cutlery knives set is surely a choice everyone opts for. The knives set by this company comes with four pieces, and all of them are exceptionally amazing in their steak cutting strategies. The walnut tradition steak set is made in China and is quite popular all over the world. The lifetime warranty further adds to its appeal. You can ask for free repairing from the company in case of unsatisfaction from the working of the set.

The blades include a stainless steel construction. Along with this, a very high quantity of carbon used in their synthesis further adds to their quality. The taper grind technology helps in the manufacturing of this product makes it possible for the knives to work with extreme sharpness and efficiency.

Another amazing feature that comes with this set of knives is the safety which it gives to the users. Even though the blade is quite sharp, the handles are sturdy enough to ensure a strong grip. The brass rivets in the handles keep your grip on them strong and keep you unharmed.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Gourmet High-Carbon Stainless Steel Steak Knives

Known for the quality that the company adds to its cutlery, Zwilling is quite popular amongst the food lovers. The steak knives that this company comes with are extremely reliable. They provide the customers with a great experience of devouring their favorite steak.

The blades used in these knife sets are extremely sleek. In fact, they make it possible for you to slice the steak with the utmost amount of precision. Along with this, you can easily chop them up whenever you feel the need of. One reason for their reliability is the steel construction that has a high quantity of carbon in it.

These items are produced solely in Spain. However, it is a popular fact that you can get them all over the world for being so famous amongst the people across the globe.

The lifetime warranty that the company provides to its customers further adds to the desirability of the customers. They feel like they need to get their hands on these stainless steel steak knives. No matter how much do you wash them, the shine of the blades will not wear off. These knives are extremely safe for the dishwasher and you can wash in them as frequently as you want to.