Every year, February 14 is set aside for people to celebrate love and care to those around them. It’s a day marked in honor of St. Valentine; a man who devoted his days and life to caring for the needy and less privileged. That is the original meaning behind February 14. But today, I’m not sure that meaning still holds value to a lot of people. February 14, to most people, is a special day to celebrate their love life, as well as their partner. It’s a day most people feel the need to spoil their lover or spouse, far above anyone else and any other day. People no longer see the need to reach out to other people around them, especially the poor. It’s not supposed to be that way.

I have nothing against showing your partner care and special affection on that day; however, it’s also important to remember the needy around you. There are loads of people who you can affect their lives this season, with the little you have, it doesn’t have to be too big.

All I’m asking is that you make a difference in someone’s life. You show your partner love every day; I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to just think about the less privileged and needy this Valentine’s. It is the reason for the season, give it true meaning, and be the positive change someone needs in their life this Valentine’s.