You would know that a lady is truly in love with her man when she genuinely brags about her man to the world. Most relationships these days are more of “let’s see how it goes”; there is no ingenuity on a man’s part to totally win his lady’s heart. Getting a lady is seen as the ultimate but getting her to see you as the best man ever is one task men don’t work hard to achieve.

When a lady brags about her man it shows a lot of positive signs. It shows the relationship is a happy one, it shows she is more than satisfied, it shows the man actually cares about his lady and most importantly it shows that she also cares about the man.

Getting a lady to say yes to you is just half the journey, making her see you as irreplaceable makes the journey complete; but most men do everything to get a lady and once they have achieved that, they become a different being entirely. It’s better not to be in a relationship than be in a relationship where you can’t make your lady happy.

Most relationships are in a state where complains and dissatisfaction headlines every activity in the relationship. Yes, it’s true that some ladies are just too unrealistic; though this article is in reference to every man out there that has a good lady in his life that he wouldn’t want to let go of.

I think every man should have this mentality of making his lady value him to a point where she brags about him; it’s a positive sign that she has seen him as the right man for her. Getting a lady should never be the ultimate; be that man she brags about.