Boo is one word that’s commonly used these days; it’s been so used that boo doesn’t even mean anything anymore. Boo is a word the younger generation use to refer to someone special in their life; more like a lover.

Ladies use the word more especially; “that’s my boo” is one sentence you would most often hear from a lady’s mouth. On the male side, they don’t often use the word a lot but some do to make their lady happy. One thing though is for sure; you may call him boo but the most important question is “are you really his boo?” It’s not really by calling him boo or him calling you boo because you just might not be that boo or he probably has twenty others who also call him boo. I would give you instances where your boo might not really be your boo.

If your boo doesn’t call you boo or treat you like boo when with his friends then you should know that you are not really his boo. Guys may cheat a lot but there are some ladies they don’t joke with and they treat those like queens no matter who is watching. So if you don’t fall in this category then your boo might not really be your boo.

If you boo don’t regularly keep in touch with you then that boo might even about ten other boo’s lined up ahead of you. Men aren’t as ignorant as women think; they have priorities and if you are his special lady you would definitely be a priority.

If your boo doesn’t like to spend much time with you then it means you should look for another boo because that particular boo is definitely not your boo.

If your boo doesn’t give you the respect that you deserve it could probably mean that he isn’t really your boo. Men respect their ladies; no sane man would joke with a lady he really does care about.

If your boo is only sweet to you when he needs to get some action then I’m sorry to say that the so-called boo of yours doesn’t see you as special; you are just a means to an end.

Let’s face the real world; relationships aren’t all about boo’s and the likes; it’s about love and commitment, trust and care, sacrifice and respect, being there for each other… a guy calling you boo or you calling a guy boo doesn’t prove anything.

Ladies, stop being used; only be in a relationship where you would be valued. So I ask you again; are you really his boo?