heartbroken lady

Being jilted is a normal occurrence as far as relationships are concerned. People get hurt all the time; most likely when they catch their much loved partner cheating or when their partner leaves them for another person or ends the relationship abruptly.

Not everyone knows how to live after heartbreak, and a lot of people prefer not to love again after being hurt.

Should a heart-breaking experience mean you forsake love and relationship totally? How long should one take before entering another relationship?

Drama and Shawn would discuss this in today’s Elcrema Sunday Love Special.


My answer to this question is simple…. as long as it takes! As long as it takes to figure out what you really want from a partner and a relationship because honestly speaking, inadequate evaluation and assessment is the only possible reason why one may end up being heartbroken in a relationship that once seemed promising.

When you do not take your time to evaluate and study the (person) people asking you out; in terms of their attitude and disposition to life in general, you may fall into the wrong hands, and of course, end up disappointed. So, it is absolutely expedient that people take their time before jumping into a relationship, whether or not they’ve been heartbroken. It is a matter of necessity. Take Marriage for example, no normal person jumps into it without first of all assessing their options and undergoing courtship. You must court before you marry, to learn your partner and decide for yourself if this person is who you actually want to spend the rest of your life with. The same should be applied to dating; assess your options, and scrutinize their personalities thoroughly before settling for anyone. Don’t just jump into any available arm because of loneliness or pressure from family and friends; take your time, take things at your own pace, think about what it is you really want in a man and relationship, assess the men in your life to see if they fit the profile. If they do, fine, otherwise, wait until the person who does comes along. There is no point in rushing into regrets. Take your time, and evaluate your choices before taking that leap.

This way, I think lesser hearts will be broken.

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