This is another reason for ladies to avoid being with an abusive and controlling man.

Researchers have found that abusive and controlling men are more likely to put their female partners at sexual risk and the level of that risk escalates along with the abusive behaviour.

The researchers from the University of Washington arrived at this conclusion after studying patterns of risky sexual behaviour among heterosexual men aged 18 to 25.

The researchers found that men who are physically and sexually abusive to women were more likely than non-abusive men to engage in behaviours that exposed them and their partners to sexually transmitted infections such as avoiding condoms and not being monogamous.

Conversely, men who were not physically or sexually abusive but who used controlling behaviour like dictating who their partners could see or what they wore, were no more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviours than men who were not controlling.

Over 300 men were studied and the researchers also uncovered some shocking rates of abusive and controlling behaviours. 37 percent of participants reported using physically aggressive behaviour toward their partners,  almost 29 percent claimed to have used sexual coercion in their relationships and 55 percent claimed using controlling behaviour either alone or in combination with other abusive behaviours.

So if you have an abusive partner, you need to understand that your exposure to sexual risk is high.