You’ve probably heard it before that you should look very well before you get into a relationship or marriage because if you don’t, you just may end up settling with the wrong person. Well, I have to say I agree with this statement or believe very much, however, as much as you have that mindset, it’s also important to know that there isn’t one person who is perfect.

I am not saying you should settle for less than you want in your ideal man, however, do not live in a fantasy world where you think that there are people without a flaw because you’ll just end up getting disappointed.

What you do not see in the one man, you’ll likely see in another. It’s possible that this man doesn’t drink or smoke or womanise, but could be a woman beater or have one nasty attitude or habit. It is also possible he isn’t a woman beater, but he is secretive or puts work ahead of his loved ones. The same also applies to women – she may not cheat or lie, but she is probably an alcoholic or has some dark part to her you wouldn’t know about until it’s late. But even then, do not run away from the reality you face, embrace it because if you run, you’ll probably run into worse arms or someone with similar issues.

No one is perfect, what you should do is look for a man or woman whose flaws you can deal with, and be with them, while trying to help them be better as a person.

Marriage and dating is never rosy all through. You’ll have issues, and you’ll fight because you’re not dating a flawless god, you just hold on, and try to make your relationship keep working.

Having this sort of mindset is what will help you go into a very happy and stable relationship. It isn’t perfect anywhere; not even in the relationship of that friend or relative that inspired you to set your high standards.