Mark is a 22-year-old college undergraduate in his finals. He’s smart, intelligent, handsome, calm and calculated and has a suave that makes even men stand akimbo. He’s from a rich home and has everything a regular college guy could ever dream of, even Jennifer, a girl loved by many but for some obvious reasons fell in love with Mark and wouldn’t be with anyone else. Mark’s so charming that even just a cough by him would keep the ladies coming in numbers. Mark was a big time player; he had little value for his lady and cheated on her almost every other night. After eight months of sticking to his bullshits, Jennifer decided to call it quits, she told him it was over but all he did was let out a simper thinking she would be back in no time. Jennifer was devastated because she thought that at least he would realise his mistakes. 5 weeks later, Mark came crawling, it was at that point he knew he had the best lady any man could ask for but Jennifer would have none of it; Mark was the last person she wanted to see, she had moved on already.

Moral: Now I’m thinking, why do men have a good woman and get carried away with other women only to realise that they had a good lady just after she’s left?


Lisa, Lisa, Lisa: she’s a classic chic; someone most guys would rate an 8 or probably a 9, but the problem with Lisa is that she’s always too classy for her own good; guess who her role model is—Kim (you know the surname). All Lisa wanted was a man like Kanye West, Jay Z and Mark Zuckerberg put together —did I hear you say money in the bank? All Lisa wanted to own was a 2015 Bentley Mulsanne and a Mercedes Benz G-wagon. One man couldn’t give her all that money that she needed, so she had to date a whole number of men—nothing less than 25 paid men. Now she’s got the virus and still can’t buy her Bentley, and it’s dawned on her that her life all the while was a mess.

Moral: who says using what you have to get what you want doesn’t mean you can’t use your brain and think yourself to work and earn yourself a living? Why choose the easy but very risky and deadly option as a way of survival?


Jude is a married man with kids; he has a good job, a loving wife and two kids that anyone would admire just at first sight; one could say he has a perfect family. Juan is a trainee at his work place, she works under him. He knew that she was too sexy for her own good and everything about her was trouble, but interestingly, he loved the temptation and did little to fight it. Susan the IT trainee was beginning to flirt with Mr Jude and in no time Mr Jude was wondering how a quickie with Susan would feel like anytime he stared at her luscious behind as they whined to the tone of ‘come get me’. Mr Jude got his wish and fortunately or rather unfortunately for him, the temptation was too hot for him to buy a condom, he thrust his full flesh into her without caution and his judgment day came too quickly when after two weeks she sent him a text that she was pregnant. You might want to guess who was with the phone at the time.

Moral: Now I’m thinking, does it have to take a dilemma before a married man would stick to his loving wife and remain faithful to her? Does it mean that without complications, faithfulness can’t be achieved?


Donald is a hardworking man; he graduated from school with good grades but could only land a half-decent job and doesn’t have any one high enough the social ladder to help him get a good job. He has dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur; he has a thing for fish farming and wanted to chase his dream of owning the biggest fish farm in his town, and even the country — and that means mega bucks. Meanwhile, Linda his girlfriend that he really did have huge feelings for and envisioned her as the one he would tie the knots with was getting a little impatient, she wanted a made man and couldn’t keep up with Donald’s entrepreneurship dreams; she wanted a man who would provide for her now and couldn’t realise the potential that Donald has. She left and vowed never to return; Donald was hurt and frustrated, downcast and pissed with the world, the only lady he truly loved has left and he put all that vengeance into his work. Just over eight months later, he got a big break, he did a partnership with a big businessman who bought into his vision and together they built an empire. You know how this kind of stories goes, Donald became made and Linda wanted to come back; trust Donald to smile in triumph and told her he’s moved on.

Moral: Now I’m thinking, since when did wealth become the only measure of a real man? What happened to vision? What happened to prospects? What happens to that young man who knows where he’s going to and is hell-bent on achieving those dreams? Why is the so-called 21st century woman only interested in a man who is only made financially and would give no face to anything other than that?


Lawal is one of those calm-headed chaps, he loves his job, loves to read and never one to dwell long in an argument but not his wife—she’s the female version of Chris Tucker, her mouth can whine all night long, she nags about every little thing and after about two years of marriage the calm headed Lawal couldn’t keep up anymore, he started keeping late nights but still respected his wife enough not to cheat on her. From 8PM to 9PM and then 12 midnight became Lawal’s best time to return home but he still didn’t have peace because his wife just won’t give up. From then onward, he lost every affection for his wife and it dawned on her that she has lost her man. All means to win him back was to no avail.

Moral: A nagging wife can drive even the calmest of men crazy.


Joe is a local mechanic in his street, he has a wife and four children; the locals in the street call him Big Joe for his ability to lift even the heaviest of metals. Big Joe has just little money to take care of his family but Big Joe loves to bite more than he can chew, he has a mistress who takes half the value of his pay slip every month and Big Joe didn’t mind, he let his family suffer while his mistress eats of the little that came off his pay cheque. She left him afterwards; they weren’t in the same class she said.

Moral: Why marry a good woman and bring innocent children to the world only to let them suffer?

Disclaimer: All characters used in this piece were just fictional and of the writer’s imagination.


As fictitious as this piece is, it’s something we all can relate with; it goes on every single day; people abuse their marriages and relationships and hardly stop to think of the effect it would have on their partner. If you ask me, I’d call it selfishness.