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woman in love

In the words of D’banj, ‘’Love is a beautiful thing” and really it is a beautiful thing. I usually envy couples that are genuinely in love with each other; it’s a joy to behold; genuine love triggers many emotions like joy and happiness, reduces aging; but that is only when you are in love.

Now the big question is; how do you know that you’re in love? How do you know that it is love and not lust? Like I’d always say, love and lust are like identical twins that cannot be differentiated at first viewing. People normally get confused on how they feel. How do I know I’m truly in love is a very big question people do ask themselves. And sometimes they tell themselves the very wrong answer.

I bring you nine sure signs that would show that you really do love someone.

If you feel any or all of these signs, then you definitely love someone.

1. SEX

Yes, sex, sex, sex. Sex always plays a huge role; it is always a determining factor in a whole lot of things in a relationship. If you have huge feelings for someone that goes beyond sex then you’re genuinely in love. But when you know you need sex as an attachment to keep it going, then that’s genuine lust; yea, there is genuine lust. You can lust after someone genuinely and confuse it for real love. If you love someone, you should still love that person even without sex. Sex is never a prerequisite for true love and that’s where people get it wrong.


Truly, love can do a whole lot of things to your mind-set within a short period of time. If you really do love someone, you would notice little or no blemishes from that person. There would be no reason for you to complain; instead it builds a spirit of tolerance that you have never known before. You turn a blind eye to a whole lot of things. Maybe that’s why people always say that love is blind; and they may not be far away from the truth. Love would make you see beyond someone’s blemishes. What you would mostly see is the good deeds they do and you would learn how to tolerate or correct the wrong sides without anger.


Really, love can also make you turn a blind eye to what people think. Be it friends, neighbours or family, love would make you not  bother about their opinions. What matters to you is how you feel about a person and how the person feels too; and really, that’s all that matters.


Love also brings that sense of excitement. When you are in love, you are always excited to be with that person that you love. No one can explain that joy, just you. A moment without that person is devastating and a moment with that person is like a treasure. You just want to be with him/her; nothing makes you feel better, no one gives you that much joy.


Naturally, humans are a selfish bunch and the first person they think of is themselves. But love does a whole lot of things to you and selfishness is one of the things it takes away. When you are in love, it’s no longer just about you; you put your lover into consideration. You are willing to do anything that would make that person happy; that is, you no longer think of just yourself. Love can restructure your mind frame and you just won’t believe it.


If you truly, truly, truly love someone, you wouldn’t cheat. No one would attract you enough to want to cheat. I know you may want to disregard this because you are probably guilty of this. But figure it out; whenever you cheat, you display certain characteristics that aren’t borne out of love. Cheating shows that you are selfish, that you don’t care about your partner’s emotion, it shows that it’s only about the sex for you, that you don’t mind hurting the person; and all these are characteristics of the twin of love- lust; never confuse both.


If you are in love, you are honest or at least try to be honest to that person. We are humans and can err once in a while but when you are in love and you do something that would make you seem dishonest to your partner then it should prick you; if it doesn’t, then you don’t love that person. You can’t tell her a lie and be okay with it, it only shows that your love is fake. Love entails honesty to the core.


Yes, love can consume your mind thoroughly. If you love someone and you don’t think about that person, then you should carefully observe what you feel. Thinking about someone is never old fashioned; it only shows how much you have the person in mind. When love sweeps your mind, even you can’t control it. Love can even control your thinking; love can control your imagination.


More importantly, love should last. It should be able to stand the test of time. If you love someone today and tomorrow you aren’t really sure, then that isn’t true love. True love stands all the hitches that come along; it isn’t in a hurry to leave. Love is not a week or month thing, it’s way longer. Love endures so many things and true love isn’t in a hurry to fade.

Well, these signs are real and if you really have these then you just might be in love.

The word love has been bastardized and it means a whole lot of different things to different people, but that doesn’t make them right.

Love is a beautiful and thing; loving and finding someone that loves you genuinely makes it even the more sweeter and beautiful.


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  1. Thank you!
    it is really true!

  2. OH.. 8 OUT OF 9.. I am probably in love.. hehe.. Thanks for this article.

  3. SELAN KUWOH | July 3, 2015 at 5:03 am | Reply

    Very intresting nau i can know my status of lov POWERFUL……

  4. Juliana Kai | July 3, 2015 at 7:42 pm | Reply

    Nothing much, just interested in this wonderful topic So educating

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