Change, they say is the only constant in life. There was a time when recruitment was easy, and potential employees got a job based on what they studied at school; these days, the case is different – employers want more, and unless you have exactly what they want, they’ll never consider you.

Employers of labour, these days look at what you can offer them in terms of skills. What can you do, and what are you bringing to the organisation?

This post highlights 8 important skills every job seekers must possess.


Coding has grown in popularity over the years. It is getting so big that companies around the world are constantly demanding for people who know how to do it. Coding is a very lucrative skill to have, and reports indicate that it might be one of the most sought after skills by 2022. If you have plans of working for a multinational or big company, this may be your closest pathway to it.


Excel is one of the best management programmes out there. It allows organisations store and manage information easily. There was a time when hard files were the best way to do that, but today, the world has moved on to Excel. A good understanding of how it works increases your chances at that job.


The world has gone digital and most organisations now have online presence/website. Also, a company website is often the first point of contact to that company. This is why most organisations now invest more on websites. So, if you are skilled in website development, you are a step ahead of landing your dream job.


Writing is among the skills you need to land your dream job. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important skills in 2022. In modern day, organisations interact more with their customers/clients through social media. So, most organisations are constantly in need of writers who can write intelligently on their blog or social media platforms. If you are a good writer, you will definitely be very valuable to any employer. Therefore, it is time for you to start polishing your writing skills so as to land your dream job.


Project management is a good skill every job seeker should acquire. This is because every project needs a manager to keep an eye on it. And this will definitely make everything to stay on schedule and under budget. In fact, a project without a manager is like a house without a roof.


Public Speaking is another unique skill that companies are constantly looking for. Organisations recruit people with these skills to tell motivating and inspiring stories with their words in ways written words can’t. They can tell an interesting story about a product or service that will persuade buyers to patronize their company.


Sales are among the skills you need to land your dream job. Salesmen that are very skilled and proactive are in high demand. They can work for most blue chip companies and other organisations with juicy salary structure. If you master the art of selling, you will definitely be an icon in the industry you serve. Sales have become an important department in every organisation in the 21st century. Thus, people who study engineering and other courses are now building career in sales. Also, we now have sales engineers. These are engineering professionals with sales skill to market their company’s products and services. Some of the sales skills you need to master are product knowledge, strategic prospecting, active listening etc.


Digital Marketing professionals are the big boys in most industries now. Companies are constantly in need of these experts. Furthermore, they help to reach out with customers using popular platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads and email marketing. Their job is to create awareness about their company, its products, as well as services using social media and other reliable platforms. So, digital marketing is among the skills you need to land your dream job.