When a relationship is on the right track it would give signs, same way it would also give signs when there is no sense of direction in a relationship. No one enters a relationship with the hope that it would crash soon except it’s not a true relationship.

When a relationship is heading the right way, there would be evidence and this would leave not just the lady happy but the man as well. A crashed relationship brings hurt but a relationship that’s heading the right way would bring happiness.

You need to know how true your relationship is, and I bring you 8 signs your relationship is heading to the right direction.



By togetherness I don’t mean the show of hypocrisy most couples in a relationship tend to display outside even when it’s a war zone inside but a togetherness that binds them even when they are even apart. When a couple has this kind of togetherness, they can’t stay apart; a moment without each other would seem like eternity; that is togetherness. Togetherness is essential for a good and loving relationship.


When the love in a relationship is static or decreasing, it doesn’t bode well for that relationship; it means that relationship won’t stand the test of time, but when a relationship renews as the days go by or when it increases its freshness with time then that’s a relationship that is heading the right way.


When both partners in a relationship are happy, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that the relationship is heading the right way. No one wants to be in a relationship that’s sad but rather a happy one; happiness is one goal of every relationship; happiness not on the part of just one person but the two people in that relationship. Are you both happy in your relationship? If yes, you are probably heading the right way.


Any relationship that’s solely based on the present may not be heading the right way (except that’s probably what they both want from that relationship); but when a relationship has the future in mind and is working towards the future then it’s probably heading in the right direction. A relationship that has the future in mind shows seriousness from both partners in that relationship.


Honesty is an important trait that’s needed for a relationship to work; any relationship without honesty isn’t one that’s headed the right way; maybe that relationship is just taking a stroll in the park. Transparency is needed for every relationship to grow; and an honest relationship is one that most people crave for.


When both partners in a relationship inspire each other to be better then it’s a big sign that the relationship is heading the right path. A relationship that has this trait shows that both partners complement each other and want to see the best in each other.


A relationship where transparency exists is a big plus; minus transparency, talking about everything creates a special bond in a relationship and it also creates trust and togetherness. A relationship where both partners talk about everything to details would hardly have problems.


When a man respects his lady and his lady accords him same respect, it’s enough proof that the relationship is one that’s heading in the right direction. Sometimes all a relationship needs to make it blossom is respect, and if it’s lacking it definitely shows that the relationship isn’t going anywhere.


So much have been said of what ends a relationship and so little has been said on what would make it work better. Striking a balance between and knowing both about sides of the coin would only make your relationship better.

Is your relationship heading the right way? If it is, never quench the fire from burning and if it isn’t, it’s never too late to make amends.