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It’s normal for a guy to see a beautiful lady, admire her and want to make acquaintance with her; absolutely normal. It’s also normal for a lady to make a joke of a guy that likes her, take him for a ride, toy with his emotions and have a laugh within her and also tell it to her friends; absolutely normal. If a lady likes you, even if she wants to play the ‘hard to get game’, she would still give some signs to make you continue chasing after her. If she DOESN’T LIKE YOU, you are in for it man, you would be the toy of the year. Most guys don’t know the difference between both signs; they just keep chasing every lady they see without knowing whether their game plan is working or not. To all those guys that keep making same mistakes, you actually need this, 8 SURE SIGNS a lady is toying with you.

1. She gives you a wrong number

I’m quite sure every lady has done this at least ten times her whole life. If you doubt me, ask your sisters. The speed they come up with a wrong number is so alarming; every lady does this every now and then to get some guys off their back. Funny part is, you might not even suspect she is giving you a wrong number because she looks so sincere. If she likes you, she would want to see you again; meaning she wouldn’t give you a wrong contact.

2. She books a date in a very expensive restaurant

Ladies could be wicked at times (laughs); why do you ladies do this? Maybe you guys decide to hook up somewhere, and she knows your pocket isn’t anywhere close to the Bill Gates of this world, she would fix a date in an expensive restaurant (come on ladies, this isn’t fair).  If a lady likes you, she wouldn’t want you spending your money unnecessarily. This is just another sign telling you to leave her alone.

3. She ‘packs’ her friends for a date

Before I explain this sign, I’d give an advice to my fellow brothers. If a lady brings a lot of her friends on a date you guys scheduled for just each other, run brother, run; don’t even try to be a James Bond, your pocket would regret the aftermath. This sign is a sister to the previous sign, they go hand in hand. Come on guys, be wise; if a lady wants to be intimate with you, she would want some privacy with you alone not invite all her friends to mess it all up.

4. She doesn’t pick your call

If you have to call five times before she picks one call, this is another sign saying “why is this guy just disturbing my life?” if she likes you, she would want to hear your voice at all times, but when you notice she shrugs to pick a call, it means you’re not even close to the much hated ‘friend zone’. If she does this to you, except you have the zeal of a trained soldier, look for the next girl.

5. She puts your call on speaker

If a lady is with her friends and she puts your call on speaker, forget it; you would be the next Mr Bean among her friends- a laughing stock. Ladies love privacy with a guy they like, they would never put a guy’s call on speaker for their friends to laugh at if they like him. Most times, if their friends are even disturbing, they would look for a quiet place to talk to you on the phone; that’s if she likes you.

6. She never lets you visit her

This is simple; if she doesn’t want you visiting, then she doesn’t want you at all. If she likes you, she would want you with her.  If you are even at this stage, you’re better than some guys that are so far off. Those ones, she doesn’t even let them know where she stays. Another advice; if a lady never lets you know where she stays, then you are heading nowhere; you are not even close.

7. She never visits

If she doesn’t visit, then what are you guys doing? One month, two months, three months and she hasn’t visited for once, brother, I repeat, brother, conserve your energy and look for another lady. Don’t break your head for someone who doesn’t want you. If she likes you, she would most definitely visit. Come on, this is no movie; she just has to visit you (that is, if she likes you).

8. She turns you to a ‘Mr Buy All’

Don’t allow it get to this stage; if she turns you to a ‘Mr buy all’ then she doesn’t want you. If you ain’t getting ‘some’ and you buying ‘all’ then you are in trouble; you have made the worst mistake dating has ever known. When a lady wants you to spend like Bill Gates when she knows you are nowhere close to him, run bro. If a lady really likes a guy, she doesn’t let him spend excessively except she’s the ‘whore kind of lady’; of which this article is in reference to every normal girl out there that’s also interested in dating.

Don’t fool yourself; you mustn’t get all the ladies in this world. These signs are real, every lady does this every now and then to a guy she doesn’t like. Come on brothers, you don’t expect every lady to like you. Just keep cool and do your thing.

I’m sure you enjoyed this piece; I promise to bring another exciting one tomorrow; 8 signs she likes you. You need to know those signs.


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