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Smoking is one of the most addictive habits the universe would ever know; just a stick of cigarette and before you know it, it turns to three and then seven and if not controlled it goes to a pack or even more everyday depending on your level of addiction.

As harmful as smoking is, it is one of the most practised acts in the world and it is so addictive that quitting seems to be one unachievable act. Addiction to cigarettes needs to be curbed; it’s not good for our environment and definitely not good for your health.

I would share with you seven ways that can make that addictive habit fade away in due time.



It all starts with the mind; there is nothing the mind cannot achieve if fully put to work. If a smoker understands in his heart that he can actually die or fall ill severely then he would gradually develop a hatred for that act; if he can set his mind to understand that with every stick, he moves closer to an ill-health then only can the change process start. When there is crave to smoke, put your mind to work and it would work wonders.


If your friends are smokers then you need to cut them off because you won’t stop the act when your friends are still in it. Having friends that smoke regularly would only increase your urge for just one cigarette; it only starts with just a stick and then it’s back to square one.


Quitting cigarette smoking is no mean feat; it would only take extreme measures and self-determination to stop the act. Change your apartment if possible, throw away that favourite couch you relax on while smoking; every smoker has a preferred spot in his apartment where he lights up, do not go near those places if possible, hide your cigarette packs as well as lighters and ash trays; do not think of smoking ever; smoking is an enemy which you need to treat as one.


You can’t quit smoking when you to a bar regularly; it’s not possible. Pubs, bars and the lot are the highest point of temptation; only one visit can ruin any progress you have made.


You can’t be idle and quit smoking; that’s a fatal lie; like the old saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Change your routines, look for new things that would excite you, take a walk or jog, exercise more often, partake in sports; just do something new and different and that yearn for a cigar might just wane off gradually.


There are foods you used to eat that would make you just crave for a smoke, you need to change them. Your drinks need to be changed as well; cigarette goes together with alcohol; quit alcohol if possible and take more of water and juice; do not go for drinks that would make you want to light up a stick.


Finally, this is needed. A professional can help you through the rigours; a professional would be the one you can talk to easily with no guilt; through this medium you can pour out your emotions and that is always the melting point to break any habit.


It should be known that smoking damages your heart and blood circulation; increasing your risk of getting heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease pneumonia and it’s also a major cause of 90% of lung cancers.

Most teens and young adults seem to have this mentality that smoking makes you look cool and tough, and they start the act from then onwards till they become addicted; smoking might make you look cool on the outside but it would definitely destroy you in the inside which isn’t cool.

Like the ministry of health says “smokers are liable to die young”; the fact that some smokers don’t isn’t enough guarantee that yours would be different.


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