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When a man walks up to a woman, within few minutes of being with that man, the woman’s brain gives a quick assessment and tries to determine if she would like him or not.

Many things strike many women; however, there are some general and basic things that go across the mind of most women. If her assessment gives you a fair judgement then you might have a chance with her, but if her assessment gives you a harsh judgement then it’s probably going to be an uphill task from then on.

It doesn’t take days for her to determine if she’d like you, it takes a moment, and so many factors determine that momentary judgement.


Your body structure is important to most women; women are more attracted to a nicely built man and within few seconds she determines if she is okay with your height and your weight. This is a major determinant on what would happen next.


The attractiveness or unattractiveness of the face is also another one that most women judge within minutes. If she perceives you to be cute then she’d show an interest, no matter how little; but if she sees you as terrible looking then it’s an uphill task from there. The beards, mouth, eyes, jaw line, the hair and everything around the face are what contribute to making the face attractive or unattractive.


Your fashion sense, what you do with your hair, your neatness and everything that has to do with your general appearance is an important feature most women look at when they meet a man newly. The quality of a man’s dressing matters a lot and speaks volume of him. I’ve even seen where men with unattractive faces but excellent fashion get the beautiful women. Your appearance matters a lot; it can hide so many other flaws.


A man’s confidence level can be seen even from afar. The moment he speaks the first word, it’s enough to determine if he’s a confident man or not — and of course every woman is attracted to a confident man. A man without confidence would definitely not be deemed attractive.


This also comes next; if you walk up to her and can’t have a good conversation with her then she would hardly be attracted to you even if you have so many other attractive features. No woman likes a bore.


A good sense of humour is also another thing she notices. If you have a good conversation sense, that’s okay, but it becomes greater if you can make her smile. If you can put a smile on her face then you can find a way to her heart.


A woman uses her smile to judge if you’re welcoming, if you’re safe to be with and if you should be trusted. If she senses these in your smile or sees your smile as generally charming then she would be attracted to you — but if the reverse is the case then you would be faced with an uninterested woman.


Every woman reacts to a man right from the first minute — her brain tries to determine if he’s attractive or unattractive from the onset. It doesn’t really take hours or days, she judges you from the onset.



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