A healthy relationship is one in which both partners aren’t only in love with each other, but they have this understanding and are happy and satisfied being in the relationship. However, an unhealthy relationship is just a stark contrast from a healthy relationship.

No one wants to be in a relationship that would be deemed unhealthy but many end up in an unhealthy relationship. Also, some relationship starts out as healthy, but end up being unhealthy.

These seven things differentiate a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

1. A healthy relationship is characterised by honesty and honesty breeds trust. In a healthy relationship, partners trust each other.

However, in unhealthy relationships, trust is a forgotten word; one or both partners are deceitful either in their words or actions. Such relationships are characterised by lies and unfaithfulness making it difficult to build trust.

2. In a healthy relationship, partners forgive each other easily. It isn’t that they don’t quarrel or have issues, but they both understand the importance of forgiveness and have a forgiving heart towards each other.

However, in unhealthy relationships, partners find it extremely difficult to forgive each other; malice, grudges and frequent quarrels are rampant in such relationships.

3. In a healthy relationship, partners think of each other and they try to put each other first. The same cannot be said of an unhealthy relationship; in this kind of relationship, partners are extremely selfish and self-centred; they think less of each other but try to satisfy self first.

4. Just as the second tip pointed out, in healthy relationships, couples forgive each other; they don’t only forgive, but they also apologise and forget every wrong done.

However, in unhealthy relationships, this isn’t the case; couples rarely apologise when in the wrong and they even seek out for revenge rather than forgiveness.

5. In healthy relationships, couples work hard to achieve what they want for their relationship; they put in vital efforts to make the relationship succeed.

However, in unhealthy relationships, this isn’t the case. Partners here live in a world of fantasy and romance novels. They think of the perfect relationship and compare their partner and relationship to others rather than building a successful relationship for themselves. I call them the fantasy partners.

6. In a healthy relationship, couples aren’t just lovers, but they are best of friends with each other and practice togetherness.

However, in unhealthy relationships, couples don’t act as friends; they don’t even do things together, there isn’t any form of harmony and each partner always cry out foul.

7. There is a huge difference between sacrificing and demanding for sacrifice in a relationship. In a healthy relationship, partners sacrifice for each other to make the relationship better; partners compromise and sacrifice to make each other happy.

However, in unhealthy relationships, partners expect each other to sacrifice and demand sacrifice from each other without actually putting in efforts to sacrifice and compromise for the sake of their partner or at least the relationship.

These seven differences totally separate a healthy relationship from an unhealthy relationship.