A man who’s good at heart is definitely the best kind of man to be with; a relationship with such a man is the best kind of relationship any woman can have.

I’ve written on the qualities of a good-hearted man, and you need to read that before going further into this article.

There are numerous advantages of being with a good-hearted man.

1. You won’t have to fight for a place in his heart; you already own his heart.

2. He’s trustworthy and would never want to hurt you. So you won’t have any reason to feel threatened in your relationship/marriage.

3. He’d always value you and treat you like the most important woman in his life. You’d always be his priority.

4. He’d always respect you; a good-hearted man treats his woman with respect.

5. It’s easier to have an understanding relationship with a good-hearted man.

6. He’d never stop showing you how much he loves you.

7. You’d become a better woman by being with a good-hearted man. There’s always something to learn from such a man.


A good-hearted man might not be the most perfect of men, but he’s definitely one that you ought to be with.