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Men do feel intimidated by women even though most times we fail to admit it. When we feel a lady is slightly better than us, we feel intimidated to approach that lady. Many guys are intimidated by so many things women possess; it could be something physical or attitudinal. Most times women intimidate men even without knowing. Not that they plan to do it but the men just feel they can’t meet up to their high standards. Though, while it can be said that some women do it on purpose, others don’t even have a clue. Ever wondered why a man would like a lady but still can’t walk up to her; he isn’t sure of himself and that’s what intimidation can cause.


Men love style; they are attracted to a woman with style but some feel intimidated by the style of a woman. They don’t know if their style matches the style of that woman. Style can be used to represent status and men have that fear for someone whom they perceive have a higher status than them. Ever noticed why only a man with style can approach a woman with style? He doesn’t feel intimidated.


Some women can be frighteningly beautiful; that kind of beauty that would make a guy unsure whether he can get her or not. As a matter of fact, beauty can be frightening. Only a very confident guy can walk up to a very beautiful lady. The more beautiful she is, the more intimidating she is.


Nothing supersedes a rich woman. Guys are naturally intimidated by another guy if he’s rich so just imagine how intimidated a guy can be by a rich lady. When a man knows he can’t measure up with the wealth of a woman, he becomes scared of her. He downgrades himself as not being worthy enough to get her attention. Little wonder why only rich guys approach rich ladies


Picture a woman that’s always busy, never idle, someone who has a goal and is so focused about it that even a distant eye can see it. Trust me, the only message she sends across is that she doesn’t have time for men and even the most confident of guys would feel intimidated by her seriousness.


Men get intimidated when they meet women that are really smart; they feel intimidated when they perceive that a woman is naturally smarter than them; especially men that don’t really possess high I.Q. A woman with an extremely high I.Q would chase away certain men from her life and she wouldn’t even know.


Have you ever heard a guy say “have you seen her friends?” That’s just a sign that he’s intimidated. When a woman has a group of friends that possess the qualities listed in the previous pages, men feel intimidated. For example, a lady with only very rich friends would put that fear factor in most guys. You just have to be super rich and confident to walk up to her. Even a super-rich guy without confidence would feel intimidated.

There is nothing like a confident man; a man would only feel intimidated by a lady not because of what the lady possesses but because they lack the confidence in themselves to match what they feel is intimidating about that woman.


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