There are a number of things that complete a woman, and make her stand out — her nails, her clothing, and her hair. All of them are pretty important for the today woman who wants to be classy; however, the hair stands tall as perhaps every woman’s most prized fashion accessory. How great your hair is often tells so much about you.

There are different hairstyles, but only a few of them give a woman that classy and beautiful look. Take a look at the 6 we consider the best.


The Anita Baker hair is so popular and natural, yet strong, classy, and easy to maintain especially if you live in hot climates. It can be tricky, and often requires some confidence to pull off, but if you manage to do it, you definitely would be glad you did.


Some people call it Ghana weaving, and some Ghana braids. Whatever you choose to go with, it doesn’t matter, what matters is how well it turns out on you, and the good thing is it usually looks great on just about everybody. For those women who run away from wigs because of their prices, this should be your go-to hairstyles. It’s simple too, so there’s little or no issues taking it off.


This type of braids used to be done on natural hair, but since no one can really sit for hours, Million braid wigs have been invited. It is super classy, affordable, and beautiful. And it also comes in different colours. Million Braids can turn a boring face to a face of an elegant lady.


This hairdo is almost every man’s desire on a woman, because of its pulled back nature. It has a clean and tidy look to it especially when hair serum, gel and hair spray is applied. It can be worn to any occasion, easy to maintain and gives a woman that confidence she deserves. Pony tail is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world, so getting a stylist to do it right shouldn’t be a problem.


The pixie cut is another short hair that always turns head. It has an extremely short look and gives a strong, beautiful and confident look to a woman. It has low maintenance and can be carried without brushing as long as it’s rubbed in place.


Kim Kardashian is amongst popular celebrities who are known to adorn this highly fashionable and chic hairstyle.

The Short Bob gives a stunning look to a lady, and with little or no makeup, it brings out the best in every woman.

So there you have it. The next time you want to choose a hairdo, you shouldn’t have a hard time making the right pick.