This article is more like an open book to a man’s heart, mind-set and general living. Some things are not just important to a man but they are very important.

Women also have the things they love, the things they hold dearly and it differs from men; there is a huge difference between both. What a man doesn’t take for granted, he doesn’t joke with it; his attention and emotions are in line if things go wrong with those things he doesn’t take for granted.


When a man is truly in love, he doesn’t take his lady for granted; he adores that woman and can do anything possible to make sure he makes that lady happy. So ladies, if you want to know if your man loves you dearly or not, it’s by this measure; if he takes you for granted then it’s not love, but if he doesn’t take you for granted then that man is head-over-heels in love with you.


A man’s success is important to him and money is a big determinant men use in measuring how successful they are. You would hardly see a man who takes money for granted. Money can take a man from even other things he loves; every man out there has an ambition of making money and he doesn’t take that for granted.

3. SEX

This also is important to a man; no matter what he says, how he says it, sex is always important and it would always be. The need to satisfy his sexual urge is important and he doesn’t take that for granted.


In a situation where there is no bad blood between mother and son then a man doesn’t joke with his mum. Even when he’s married, he still wouldn’t take his mum for granted. Men get to value their mothers as they grow older, they get to understand so many things she went through for them when they were much younger; they understand the sacrifices she made and for this reason they don’t take their mum for granted.


Most women won’t understand why most men are passionate about sports; some ladies don’t see the point in sports but most men out there have at least one sport they are passionate about, and they don’t take that for granted.


“A hungry man is an angry man”. Most men I’ve come across don’t take their food for granted and I think so many others are like that; men love good food, even the ones that cannot cook and have no interest in the kitchen still love a good home-made meal. You may think that this has no grounds, deny a man from having food and you might see a different personality from that same man.