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In one of my previous articles, I discussed 5 ways to make a man propose to you; highlighting the basic qualities you must possess as a woman in order to stand any chance of getting a marriage proposal from a man. Following the release of that article, were clamors for a similar article, except this time, I get to talk about what women want from men. So, in response to such calls, I put together this piece, discussing the basic attributes a man must possess in order to stand a chance with any woman. You know, a lot of men get it wrong; they think that once you’re good-looking and rich (or both), you can get whatever woman you desire, but this is isn’t entirely true—just like us, the male folks, women can be very meticulous in making their choice of men, especially when they’re thinking long-term. They look out for certain characteristics or attributes (mostly not physical), and if they find it in you, you’ll win their hearts.

These attributes are what I’ll be shedding light on; I call them, the ‘6 THINGS EVERY WOMAN WANTS IN A MAN’. Read on, and enjoy…


Women admire hard work and ambition in their men. No woman wants a man who lies around all day, doing nothing, and if you’re going to do something, do it diligently. Women want a man who is always trying to better his present status; someone who’s willing to try out new things and explore new territories—someone who aims high, and puts in an effort to earn a living. Ambition is hope, women love hope. And while you’re showing your ambitiousness, don’t get over-ambitious because this can make you seem arrogant and proud…women hate pride.


Sometimes, you see a guy who’s all nerdy, but somehow, still manages to get all the girls flocking around him, and you wonder what works for him. The truth is, women are naturally attracted to men who they perceive as intelligent and smart; men who are creative, who can think up awesome ideas in a split second. Women want a man who can help them solve puzzles, not a man they have to help solve puzzles. A smart man knows an opportunity when he sees one, and knows when to make a move. Women don’t like dullards, they find them irritating.


You know how babies cry and feel uncomfortable when you leave them alone? That’s how women feel when you don’t show them enough care and attention. They love to be pampered and cared for; they need someone they can share a joke with; the kind of man who cares enough to notice when they’re in a bad mood or in a good mood. They also enjoy being spoiled; sometimes, they just want you to give them a thrilling experience, like cooking for them…you know; something to make them feel loved and adored.


Women like truthfulness. If you’re going to be in her life, then, you have to keep it real with her. Always say it to her like it is; don’t tell her it’s ‘A’ when it’s actually ‘B’—when you do that, she would lose faith in you, and if she doesn’t have faith in you, there is no trust. Women want reliability. I know sometimes, a man finds himself in a situation where he needs to tell a lie to make everything seem right, but this is wrong; it’s better you find a way to tell her the truth because if you lie and she finds out (which they almost always do), she’ll be heartbroken, devastated and disappointed. Always keep it real and open with your woman, that way, she feels safe about the relationship.


Women want to feel financially secure when they’re in a relationship with you.  For some, it’s because they have needs that have to be met, you know—change their weaves, change their wardrobe, flex the latest gadgets, while to some others, it’s not about their needs; they can actually take care of those needs, but they need their man to be financially healthy because it assures them he’s man enough, someone who can match their financial standards, not a passive male who they’ll have to cater for. For these kinds of women, it’s about pride and status.


I think this is pretty much self-explanatory. Decency implies being loving, caring, honest, reliable, and respectful—he is all the best things. Women want that from their man, a man who would respect them enough not to lie or cheat on them.

With that last point, I’ll end this article, but I’d like to add that no one is perfect. We can only try to be perfect, so ladies, even if your man lacks some of the qualities listed above, love him still, you can help him be better… after all, that’s what love means—supporting and being there for each other, no matter what. And to the guys, now you know what women expect from you. I hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions. Thank you, and bye.