A lot of men tend to think that it’s up to the woman to bring about a healthy and sound baby, but unknown to them, the birth process starts with the man who pours his sperm into the woman.

A man’s sperm health is very important to not only fertilise the egg but also having a healthy baby, and a man must be ready to do the following things.

1. Sleep and eat well; eat healthy foods and also exercise to ease off stress and tension.

2. Stay away from toxic chemicals

If you are working in a place where you work with chemicals, you ought to be careful enough to take them away from your members. Toxic chemicals like chemical solvents, lead and heavy metals can increase the percentage of damaged sperm.

3. Keep your members away from hot surfaces

A man’s testicles are outside of his body and certain exposure to heat and radiation can toil with a man’s testicles, thereby affecting his sperm production. Be wary of hot tubs and steam rooms and also using laptops on the laps.

4. Reduce caffeine intake

Limiting your caffeine and soda intake is also another thing every man should well be aware of. A study of Danish men found that sperm count and sperm concentration were slightly reduced in men who had high soda and caffeine intake.

5. Reduce your alcohol intake

Excessive alcohol intake has no benefit, rather it’ll only cause you so much danger. Alcohol has been researched to reduce sperm production and cause sperm abnormalities.

6. Quit the sticks

If you’re a cigarette smoker, you must resist the urge to smoke and try to quit the sticks. Smoking cigarettes can cause low sperm counts and slow-moving sperm. Heavy drugs like marijuana and cocaine can even lead to miscarriage.


Take care of your body bros, because you have been deposited with the power to bring more people into the earth; it’s called reproduction, and harming your reproductive organ can stop that cycle.