Dressing for a petite body type can be challenging. You don’t have those long killer legs every girl craves for.  You can make those short legs look super great and look smashing. When dressing with a petite body, your aim is to appear longer. We have got six (6) tips to help you achieve this look.

TIP #1

Avoid shoes with rounded toes and Blunt Square. V-shaped shoes and pointed toe shoes help make your legs appear longer.


Heels are a must. Try using heels whenever possible (not stilettos). Flats should be avoided except when worn with shorts or a short skirt.

Tip #3

Hiding your waist makes your legs appear longer so try going for empire waist dresses. Empire waist dresses make you achieve the longer leg look as they hide your waist.

TIP #4

Avoid skirts with horizontal elements like ruffles instead you should try those subtle vertical elements.

TIP #5

To make your legs appear longer, go for dresses or skirts that end just above your knees or at your knees. You should avoid wide or bulky skirts.

Tip #6

High waist trousers should be chosen instead of low ones as they make your legs appear longer. So when next you go shopping, stick with trousers with high waist.

You can also have those short legs and still be sexy; it all depends on how you package your style.