Whether it’s at night or day, sleep time is a time for rest and refreshment. However, there’s so much that happen at that time. Sometimes, these occurrences are given spiritual meaning, but for the purpose of this post, we’ll attempt to explain them from a psychological point of view.

We’re all definitely familiar with some of these things. So take a look, and see which you can relate to…



Usually associated with evil forces, sleep paralysis is a sleep condition that happens both during the day and night. Usually, when it strikes, one is unable to move their body, and it’s mostly accompanied with scary hallucinations. Sometimes, it even feels like there’s someone else in the room with you.

Sleep paralysis occurs due to stress. Ordinarily, when we sleep our body becomes paralyzed to avoid sleep walking. However when the level of stress on our body and muscles is too much, our muscles turn off, leaving only the brain to be active. That is why you can see, and think, but can’t really move during sleep paralysis.



Sleep walking is the opposite of sleep paralysis. Your brain is active, your muscles are active, but your consciousness is not there. People who sleep-walk can do normal things like clean, wash, or even step outside their house while asleep, but never remember any of it when they wake up.

The causal factors are still unclear, but it’s said to occur in about 10% of the world’s population. Children are more exposed.



This happens when you’re not really asleep, yet it feels like you are (like a trance), and you see crazy images and pictures in your head.

People who have experienced this fear to go to sleep sometimes because of the crazy images, but it’s normal for mentally healthy people. Amongst the things that cause the hallucinations include stress, drugs, drunkenness, etc.



It’s rare to repeatedly see a dream occur over and over, but it does happen. Sometimes, you see yourself going through the same experience over and over as you sleep, well, it happens for a reason too.

According to psychologists, when this happens, it’s because the brain is trying to draw our attention to something we keep ignoring in our life, and it often repeats itself until we resolve the issue.



This is one of the commonest occurrences during sleep. It’s normal, and it’s harmless too, except for the risk of revealing so much because you never know when it happens.

According to psychologists, it happens when the mind is trying hard to resist something happening in the subconscious that one doesn’t agree with in reality. Children mostly are affected by this.


Now you know about some of these nightly experiences and why they are. If you were worried about them, now you can relax because they’re of no danger to your existence.