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Every lady wants to get married at a time they perceive is the right time for them; a marriage ceremony is a thing of joy to any lady, and it’s the pride of any mother to see her daughter get married. When a lady gets to a mature age and is dating a guy, she secretly hopes to get married to him. But guys would always be guys and we go into relationships for various reasons and some of them are really crazy reasons; most times marriage is even far off the topic for us. It’s always about the now for us. We have so many things in our head that supersedes marriage; though, at times, when we are dating a lady, we hope to have a future with that lady cos we feel we love them enough and they fit into our lives. Sometimes, ladies date a guy for a very long time and the much anticipated question “would you marry me?” never comes up. Most times, ladies don’t know if they are on the right track or just on a wild goose chase. We have brought you 5 ways to make a man propose to you and I’m sure you loved it, now let’s take it the other way round; I bring you 6 signs he wouldn’t propose to you.


If he doesn’t let you know much about his plan for the future, you need to know that you are just on your own. If he doesn’t trust you with his future plan then he wouldn’t trust you with marriage. If he buys that car for himself without telling you then don’t be surprised when he gets married to another lady without telling you. If you are a part of his future, he would let you into his future plans because he sees you as his wife that he might get married to someday. But when you barely have a clue about much things going on in his life, just be ready to be in that relationship till you reach menopause. Not kidding 


How his friends treat you is very important. Most times his friends pass on messages and signs that only a wise lady would understand. If you are just a side chick, his friend’s would know; if you are his number one woman, they would also know and act accordingly. It’s all up to you to know if his friends accord you that respect or not. Even before a guy would pops that question, his friends would already know; they know when he’s in love and when he’s just lusting after a lady; he tells them everything. So ladies, study how the friends of your man treat you and know where you stand.


A guy can’t be serious for marriage and his family wouldn’t know you. When a man is old enough and ready financially for marriage, his mum would even be the one to push him to bring the girl he wants to marry. So imagine if your man is old enough to settle down and is at least financially stable and his mum doesn’t know you, just get ready to dance to Beyoncé’s ”single ladies” for a very long time. If a man is in love with you, his friends and family would know; simple.


Yes, a man can date a woman just because of s*x. So if you are the type that thinks she’s giving it to her man real good on bed and you judge your relationship with him based on that, have a re-think else the only thing you would keep seeing is a condom. You would be far away from that ring; so far from it. S*x is the least of a man’s priorities when it comes to marriage; I’m quite sure some people would doubt this but it’s true.


Truth is, when a guy doesn’t want to marry a girl, he tries to avoid every talk about marriage. He doesn’t want to be tied down to you so he always avoids such talks. But when he has plans about having a future with you, he shows them. Contrary to popular beliefs, men are straight forward and it’s way too easy to read them; it’s just about you not deceiving yourself and reading those signs they show you.


Ladies can be short sighted sometimes; they feel a man is committed to a relationship when he showers them with gift items. If that’s your mentality then that’s the only kind of commitment he would show to you and that’s where it would end. By being committed, I mean something more serious. He would try to help you solve every issue you are having, it mustn’t be the usual cash issues. He would be scared of losing you. He also wouldn’t shy away from some financial responsibilities; men love to pride in helping their lady they care about by spending on her; gift items, dates and all that are just some of it. If he’s committed, he would give you all his attention and he would always be around when needed; he would try to avoid making excuses.

Don’t date a guy who doesn’t deserve you. You deserve the best in life, get it.


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