Unforeseen contingencies are always going to be there, and they can throw your life off-balance if not properly handled, but the good thing is with the right information, you can always navigate them. Here are a few health tips you’ll find useful…


1. If stabbed, do not take out an object you’ve been attacked with. It prevents you from a hemorrhage. See a doctor or other medical person to have it removed.


2. If you need urgent help in a public place, do not scream for help. People will think someone else will help you. Instead, call out for help to one specific person.

‘The bystander effect’, is a social psychological phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when other people are present. The greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help.


3. If you ever find yourself in a plane that has to perform a water landing, you should never inflate your life jacket while you’re in the plane, as it will make you stuck on the ceiling. Get off the plane first, then inflate the jacket.


4. In case of an oil and gas inspired fire, do not try to extinguish it with water. Because of the oil, you’ll instead make the fire bigger. Simply turn off the gas and use something non-flammable to cover the flames. A pot lid, wet cloth or a wool blanket are useful.


5. Stay close to the ground if any building catches fire. Smoke is the first cause of death during a fire & smoke rises.


6. Wherever you go, be it a church, a party, or even a school, make sure you see 3 exits. It can be both easy and hard. Scan the space with your eyes so that even if there’s only one door you’ll find at least three ways out.


Why? If something bad happens, it’ll be too late to look for an exit. If you’ve found and memorized them in advance, you’ll be able to move toward one of them almost without thinking.

Hope you found these safety tips useful?