A relationship can be one of the best things about a person’s life; it can make one feel special and happy all at the same time, but could be the worst nightmare especially if it’s with the wrong person. Being in a bad relationship can be frustrating and disastrous…in fact, the headache it can cause is enough to send one to an early grave. Lol.

An unhealthy relationship though, is mostly a product of the wrong choice(s) we make in selecting a partner. Some people (men and women alike) are an embodiment of all the trouble and negative energy you do not need in your life, and keeping them around you affects you negatively on the long run. Of course, I do understand that we all have our flaws and nobody is perfect, but some people are very conscious of their flaws, yet they make no reasonable efforts to be better. These are the sort of people you must dissociate yourself from and cut off from your future because they’ll add nothing positive to you rather, they’ll drain you and make you miserable. These kind of people are incorrigible, they’re bad influence, and they’re totally wrong for you to have a relationship with; they’re the 6 kinds of people you must never date. Now, let’s explore these 6 personalities…



Alright, I know we all complain about something every now and then, but when it becomes a way of life, somebody better run.¬† Perpetual complainers don’t just complain, they love to complain. This sort of people see nothing good in you, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t impress them. They complain about everything; from your fashion taste to your table manners, and make you afraid to be yourself around them. Another character trait of these sorts of people is that they tend to blame the society and people around them (including you, their lover) for most of their problems. Being with these sorts of people will make you lose your self-worth and confidence because they constantly give you the impression that you’re not good enough.


People in this category often have no job or business, they cannot afford a square meal, month to month, you never see them go out, in fact, they practically survive off you, yet they claim they `hustle`. This sort of people are not the best to keep in your life because they’re only there to suck you dry. They’re not interested in getting a job, and never will because they feel they can get whatever they need from family or you, their lover. At home, you rarely see these kinds of people take up some of the chores; all they wanna do is eat, play video game, and have fun. They have no sense of responsibility and often turn out to be the worst fathers and mothers.


For people who fall into this category; work and business is always the excuse for not being there when you need them. They’d rather spend time chasing that extra cash than spend an evening out with you on your birthday (that is if they actually do remember your birthday). It is understandable that you have to work hard to be able to meet up with your responsibilities, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating time for your lover. With people like this, you’re always lonely, and when they’re there with you, moments are either short-lived or they’re absent-minded (apparently thinking business). If you wanna build a family with this kinda man/ woman, you must be prepared to raise the kids on your own.


This sort of people do not know what it means to save. Whatever little money comes their way, they spend buying mostly unnecessary stuff. If she’s a woman, you see her spending at least, half her monthly income on clothes she hardly ever wears or holidaying in places she doesn’t really have to. This sort of woman is bad news; with her around, you’ll never be able to achieve much as a man. She’d rather you go holidaying at Dubai than have you save up and buy a house.

Men who fall into this category never have money in their bank accounts; they make the money and spend it. Now, I’m not against spending your hard-earned money for yourself, but spending should always be guided cos you’ll need some shelter when the rainy days come.


This category belongs to the class of people who have no plans and projections for the future; their only plan for the future is remaining in their current status. People like this lack drive and motivation, they do not care about the next chapter, they only care for the now. People like this are not good to be around because they tend to kill your spirit with their lack of ambition. They also tend to discourage you from chasing a dream or project because they think it might fail. They’re afraid of failure and they rarely succeed.


Control freaks are bad news. They’re possessive (because they think they own you) and extremely jealous. Yes, a bit of jealousy is always healthy for a relationship, but when it’s extreme, that’s where the problem is cos it can turn you into a control freak. A control freak is very bossy, and likes to order you around (it’s almost as if they’re your father/mother). They want you to do everything they ask…and their own way. A relationship should be completely friendly, with both partners respected and considered equal. A control freak will disrespect you, even in public.


So there; the 6 kinds of people you must never plan to have a future with. Remember, like I said, we all have flaws, but if you’re not constantly making honest efforts to be better, you’re not giving anyone a reason to have faith in you and love you.