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There are some things we can’t avoid in life and one of such things, wrinkles. As we grow older, getting wrinkles becomes unavoidable but there are certain habits we have that make us age quicker and quickly bring out the wrinkles. We all want to look young and beautiful and all the beauty tips we try to practice is aimed at that. So why waste so much time and efforts on looking beautiful when you have habits that make you age quicker.

So now you know there are certain habits you might have that encourage you to look older quick, it’s time to list them. We listed all the habits you might have that encourages wrinkles so you can cut down on them.


It’s so normal for young people to brag about how much alcohol they can consume especially the men. It’s a thing of pride for men to take so much alcohol without getting drunk but I think you should watch it. Alcohol dehydrates the skin making your skin appear less plump and fresh the morning after. Continued dehydration of the skin will make your skin lose its elasticity thereby forming wrinkles. We also know vitamin A helps in the regeneration of new cells and it also helps in the production of collagen (lower collagen amounts to you losing the elasticity in your skin). Alcohol can impact negatively on your vitamin A levels. So cutting down on the alcohol would help your skin.


Government have done a lot to inform the public about the dangers of smoking through a lot of media campaigns. One of effects of smoking is that it causes wrinkles on your skin. Lots and lots of studies have proved this to be correct. So if you were looking for another reason to quit smoking, you just got one. Quit smoking and avoid the wrinkles, you don’t want to age too fast.


Exposure to sunshine can lead to the lowering of the collagen levels leading to wrinkles. So here is another reason not to skip your sunscreen the next time you hit the roads with sun heating you up. It’s advisable you choose a sunscreen with SDF 30 and one with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. So no matter the weather, always ensure you wear a sunscreen, avoid skipping one today.


It’s becoming rare to see ladies not chew gum these days. It’s now fashionable to chew gum when you have your jeans on and you looking sexy. Would you want to look sexy today and age so quickly tomorrow? I guess the answer is a loud no. So ladies and gents, this is another reason to quit chewing gum. I don’t see this being too difficult to quit for the sake of your skin. Chewing gum produces a type of wrinkle found often on the lower mouth. Help your skin today and quit chewing gum.


What you eat impacts your skin either negatively or positively. So don’t you think it’s time you monitor what you eat? Our sugar intake is one of such things we need to control. Sugar will make you get wrinkles quick making you look older. Sugar molecules gets attached to proteins in your skin (including collagen) causing them to become stiff and malformed. When this happens, it results in a loss of facial elasticity as well as contours and fine lines. It’s also been found that sugar triggers inflammation in the body causing your insulin levels to shoot up. When this happens, it produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin which leads to sagging and wrinkles. So that’s enough reason to cut down on sugar.


It’s common practice to see ladies stretch their skin when applying makeup, it could really be funny. Opening the mouth so wide or lifting the eye brows so high and other stretching of other facial parts should be stopped as this would help create wrinkles. Try keeping a calm and normal face when making up. It’s about moving your whole face when you’re applying makeup and not stretching it so it’s flat.

Hope you now know the things you do that can trigger wrinkles in your face. It’s time to say no to such habits.


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