woman tired

A lot of the time, the focus has been on men, men, men and how to boost their drive for s*x. But it isn’t just men, women also face this dilemma; stress from work and a host of other factors kill their desire for s*x, leaving their man in the dark.

Ladies, do you continually have those moments where you never have the desire to have s*x? Then you really need to add some foods to your diet…they would help

6 foods that can do the trick:

1. EGG

Eggs for breakfast wouldn’t be a bad idea; they are rich in protein which would in turn boost your energy levels. They are also a good source of amino acid L-arginine and vitamin B6 which would help boost your libido.


Vegetables provide vitality which you need in not just your daily activities, but your s*x life as well. They are rich in vitamin C which aids blood circulation to organs and has also been associated with an improved female libido.


Packed with vitamins and antibodies, fruits don’t only perform the function of boosting your immune system, they also aid your s*x life. A 2007 study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research found that  women who ate the Mediterranean diet consumed significantly more fruits and vegetables and showed greater improvements in s*xual function than the control group that were given an alternate diet.

Also, researchers at the Texas A&M Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center in 2008 found that watermelon has ingredients that delivered Viagra-like effects to the human body’s blood vessels and could even aid in increasing libido.


Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids; it performs so many functions in the body which includes: lower blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, reduce irregular heartbeats and as well reduce body inflammation. It also help boosts libido as well as alleviate mood killers.


Oat meals are lovely and delicious and…they help your s*x life. They also contain L-arginine which has been used for men to treat erectile dysfunction, and in women it also aids blood flow to the clitoris.


Chocolate isn’t just chocolate, it can also serve as an aphrodisiac which can boost your s*x life. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Diabetic Association, dark chocolate contains a compound called phenylethylamine, which was shown to release the same endorphins triggered by s*x.


It’s time to stop having a dull s*x life filled with excuses…your man definitely deserves better.