Your ethics in life define who you are; it says a lot about how far you can go in life, and in a way, your core value and your daily activities centre around your ethics in life.

The following life ethics would take you far in life.

1. Before you pray, believe. Your prayers wouldn’t mean a thing if you don’t believe.

2. Before you complain, appreciate. Many people complain about things going wrong in their lives, but fail to appreciate what’s going right for them. If you can take a little bit of time to appreciate what’s actually working for you, you will feel a lot more better about life.

3. Before you speak, listen. This is a basic part of communication. When this principle is missing, communication becomes ineffective. If you want to build better communication with your partner and people you come across, learn to listen. Besides, it makes you wiser.

4. Before you quit, try. People want to be successful, but they end up quitting before their point of success. Learn to try and try again, and never quit.

5. Before you spend, earn. As simple as this ethic might seem, it’s hard for people to practice. This is the reason people go broke and enter into debts, it’s why people can’t save and it’s why people’s finances are in a mess.

6. Before you die, live. You’ve got one life to live, but it’s surprising to find that many people are just existing and not living. Give life your best shot, learn to live in the moment and forget the past, and more importantly, learn to be who you are and enjoy what life has got to offer every single day.


What are your ethics in life?