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I have been down this route before and trust me when I say ending a relationship is one of the most difficult situations anyone can face. There is a never a good reason why our partner left and you just regret all the time and energy put into the relationship to make it work. It’s never really easy you know. But you need to tell yourself the truth; you’ve got to move on because the relationship is over. I have got some great tips that would help you go through this stage.


Yes you are also responsible for the breakup even though you not the one that ended it. You’ve got to accept you played a role in it. If you dated a player and expected him to change and he leaves for another woman tomorrow, it’s your fault you believed he would change with you. You might have unconsciously changed and made your partner look elsewhere, so taking responsibility is important. When we accept our role in the breakup, we learn from our mistakes and make sure we don’t repeat them in future. Taking responsibility in the demise of your relationship doesn’t make you look bad.

So now you’ve agreed with me that you need to take responsibility (and you’ve started taking responsibility already), it’s time we move to the next tip.


I mean it when I say it. Don’t tell yourself lies that you would be fine with your partner around you, very few people really move on with their partners around them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should be enemies with your partner; all I am saying is at this point you really don’t need your partner around. It’s a big struggle when you still have them around. Stop the calls, no SMS, no pings on your BBM or even Whatsapp messages. Give yourself space to heal properly; you really need to heal properly if you want to move on into a healthy relationship in future. You can resume communication with your ex when you know you won’t feel the need to wanna go back to them or even kiss them when you with them but until you get to that stage your space is needed.

So now you’ve had a good space and you feel you’ve healed well, it’s time to go to the next tip.


While dating your ex, you and your ex always had this cool spot in the town you went to. If anyone was looking for you guys, that’s the place to find you both. Now you no longer together, you should avoid such places. You must be wondering why you shouldn’t hang out at such spots anymore, they remind you of your ex. If you wanna truly move on, you don’t need things reminding you of your ex around you. Free yourself of all such things. Okay your ex got you these expensive gift and you asking what to do with it? Keep them, no need disposing them but keep them far from reach, where you would rarely see them.


As long as you still hate your ex, you won’t truly move on. That’s the bitter truth. Hatred would make you do crazy things that you won’t do normally. It would keep you on your bed in the morning instead of you rising to get ready for work. Try spending more time with friends and family. Maybe it’s time to learn a new skill, how about baking or playing tennis. Use this time positively and you would purge yourself of every bad emotion the breakup created.

Now we head to the last tip and it’s a tip you must know


Sometimes a better door won’t open until the old one closes. It’s not the end of the world dear; you have a great future ahead. Always remind yourself of that. You have always had dreams and aspiration and this breakup shouldn’t ruin everything. You had a great life before your ex came into the picture, don’t you think after your ex it would be better?

So I hope I was able to pass the message across. Thanks for your time



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  1. Very educating.

  2. This is a nice write up but it’s not that easy.
    The most difficult task in life is to remove someone from your heart.

    And to forget someone you truly loved is like trying to remember someone you never knew!

    Well, may God help us..
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