Appearance is everything; it’s the first thing everyone would notice about you. In a relationship, it’s important you improve your appearance all the time so you would make your partner ask for more. Everybody wants to be with someone beautiful so you’ve got to ensure you keep and improve that pretty look. There are five simple and affordable ways you can do that and I have got them all covered. I know you already have a routine a beauty routine but adding these simple and natural routines won’t hurt. Just keep reading.


Vegetables are not for vegetarians only and the earlier you get that the better. Green vegetables should be included into your daily diet as they are very beneficial to your health. Greens help cleanse your blood, digestive tract and even your skin. They also contain a great number of chlorophylls which help cleanse your body and prevent acne. My favorite green is pumpkin, what about you?


Some of us are just to be busy to get enough rest, too bad. Sleep is very important for our well-being and it’s important we get at least seven hours of sleep daily. That has to be the minimum. Lack of sleep makes you constantly tired and depressed and your skin will suffer for it. When you sleep, your skin cells are regenerated and that gives you a glowing result. I know you need to make enough money but please not at the expense of your skin.


Trust me when I say you need water. Taking at least 8 glasses of water every day would be perfect for your skin.75% of your body is made of water and you can’t more than 3days without water. Drinking enough water helps clear your skin. So why don’t you improve your beauty today by drinking enough water.


Vitamins do a lot to help our appearance so you should you get enough vitamins every day. They help clear your skin which makes you look more beautiful. Fruits are great sources of vitamins.


A well-toned body makes you look pretty. Some simple exercises every morning should do the trick. Exercises help us burn calories and stabilize our heart rate too.

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