Every day, people complain of being broke and suffering, and not being able to attain their desired levels in life. But every time I hear stories and talk like that, I always think about the times those people possibly missed out on important opportunities, and the times they had to procrastinate and shelve their responsibilities for today for another day.

The truth about money and success is that it doesn’t wait for those who don’t work towards getting it; you must put in a lot of effort to be as great as you desire. However, that doesn’t also mean that you should fall for just about every opportunity you see because it’s been shown time and again that the “get rich quick” syndrome has dragged people to depths they couldn’t escape.

We’re going to share some tips and reasons we believe a lot of people suffer a lack of success in their endeavours. Just read on.


Yes, this is one of the more common reasons for most people to never excel to find fulfillment in their chosen field or business. Instead of taking advantage of every waking moment, you make excuses on why you can put it off until tomorrow or put the “grunt” work off until later, which is usually the most important of your daily task.

Many will complain about why they’re not successful, but continue to put unimportant events ahead of what really should be a priority to anyone trying to better their situation or build a successful business; the answer is right in front of you! The sad thing is most know it, but fail to do anything about it.


Many of us fall into this category and I was once a very impatient person (still am at times) when it came to seeing results with a new venture or goal I wanted to attain. I think impatience is why many of us fall victim to all of these ‘get rich quick’ schemes we see in our email or in late night TV infomercials every day.

In reality, there is no quick-legal ways to get rich or become successful – anything that is worth attaining will take time to acquire. Many of us abandon a business before we give it time to get over the first year’s slump or automatically mark it as a failure before it has time to reach its full potential.


Nine times out of ten, if you ask any person or entrepreneur why they have failed in finishing or accomplishing a goal their sentence will begin with “Because I don’t…” And depending on what field of business they’re in, many of us could guess how that sentence will end.

The sad reality is that most of us lack one thing or another and many of our predecessors have overcome many obstacles and proven time and time again that where you live, your financial status, your race, location, height, and/or belief has no take on whether or not you will be successful, and it is ultimately up to you.


In most instances, opportunity is not given to you, it is created, and you’re lucky if you are prepared! That is why it is important to always be prepared for the unthinkable, because opportunities usually arise when you least expect them, and that is why in most cases we’re not prepared and that is what we call “bad luck”.

You can’t wait for anything to come to you or for somebody to hand it to you. If you want financing for your business, go out and get it, if you want to relocate to another city go do it, if you want to be a millionaire before 25 get to work today, not tomorrow – anything is attainable with hard work, and being persistent no matter how small or large the obstacles to success may seem.


This is not the first post ever about success. There have been tons written before now, and there will be more. But the truth is most people just don’t care. They see these posts, read them, and move on…like some of us will do with this, agree with its content, and still go back to the same habits of procrastinating, blaming what we lack, putting together half-thought out ideas with poor execution, never bringing our greatest ideas past the brainstorming process, being impatient and not persistent, letting someone work harder than you for that number one spot, waiting on our meal ticket, still understanding the odds are against you, but not working harder to overcome them, not taking advantage of all our time on this earth to see our dreams and goals manifest into something greater than we could ever imagine…etc.

Success is for everyone too but not all can enjoy it. You need a different attitude to live a different lifestyle. Unless you change, nothing can change for you!