couple in kitchenBeing single or in a non- committed relationship sure has its perks. From not being responsible for (accountable to) anyone, and living ‘carefree’, to being free from all sorts of emotional drama — advantages sure abound, really. But like they say, whatever has an upside also has a downside. While being single may offer you a few positives, it also has its negatives.

Being in a committed relationship is commonly perceived as a ‘draining’ and ‘complicated’ thing for a young person to engage in, but I see this view as a rather misconstrued one. Having a committed relationship can be the best thing you’d do if you stepped into it with the right person. Its benefits are huge, and far outweigh that of being single, and I shall be giving some more insight into these benefits. I have put together 5 reasons why I feel you should commit to someone rather than stay single or just jump from one person to another. Take a look, and hopefully, you’re convinced…



Only those who have never tasted or felt genuine affection would pass up a chance to enjoy it. There is no greater feeling in life than that which comes from knowing that you are adored and appreciated by someone else— that your value and worth as a person is noticed…nothing greater than it, and you could only get something like that from a committed relationship; by totally giving your heart, soul and body to someone who is willing to return the favour. Someone who’ll be yours, and yours alone; who’ll cherish you, and always see the good inside of you. You cannot get this from a non- committed relationship, and certainly not by being single…Instead, you’ll get emotional instability.


Committing to someone offers you the benefit of having a real companion. Someone who you can rely on to always be there when you need them. Someone you can hang out with, talk to, share with, and totally be yourself around. You may argue that non- committed relationships offer that as well, but the truth is that in a non- committed relationship, there is no guarantee that your partner will always be there for you when you need them. And if they are, they may not be happy about it because they may see it as a burden. A partner in a real committed relationship would never consider you a burden. They’d always be there no matter what.


In most non- committed relationships, you find that one person is always doing the spending, while the other just adds to the bills, but a scenario like that only rarely obtains in a committed relationship. When you have someone you can confidently call your own, they don’t just sit back and consume while you spend, they do whatever they can to take some of the financial burden away by assisting you in any way they can.

Another way a committed relationship can add to your life is in form of emotional support. There’ll definitely be days when you feel down and out, on those occasions, it is your partner who’ll be there to lift you up, and help you regain some emotional strength by offering you positive advice and words of encouragement. In other words, you’ll have a shoulder to lean on anytime, any day.


As a single person, your chances of having sex whenever you want it may be little limited due to both financial and non-financial factors. But being in a committed relationship with someone you call your own offers you just the direct opposite because you’ll be able to have sex whenever, wherever, free of charge.


If you happen to harbour the thought of ever getting married, you cannot successfully accomplish that dream without starting off with a committed relationship. No one can just jump into marriage without courting, and a committed relationship offers you the chance to date, have fun and court for marriage all at the same time. The good thing about a committed relationship is that it offers you the chance to get to know your potential wife or husband better before taking the plunge otherwise, you’ll only jump into a marriage you may end up regretting. So, a committed relationship isn’t just a relationship, it is more than that. It is more like a marriage before the marriage.


So, you’ve seen it all. Give someone a chance in your life today. Let love rule, and you’ll see how rewarding and interesting it is.