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Social media isn’t just a tool for business-minded people, it’s a place to catch a lot of interesting fun, learn, and meet awesome people. Relationships have started on social media that grew to be something bigger and fruitful. And the truth is you too can be a part of it. In case you are currently single, and you’re lost as to where to link up with someone nice, here are some amazing social media platforms that allow you do that effortlessly.


Facebook is the most popular and hence, most used social media platform out there. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see it for what it truly is. As much as you can do business on Facebook, its purpose isn’t limited to that only. Facebook is a very large community of people from different backgrounds and locations, even those close to you. All you need to do is search, and add them to your friends list, and then, get to know them. It has a messaging option that allows you chat with friends (and sometimes, non-friends), so it’s easier to build something via the platform.


Twitter is renowned for having brought about some of the most amazing love stories. Like Facebook, it is a large community of different people, and it’s also equipped with a message option. The difference between it and Facebook is that you don’t ‘add friends’; you just ‘follow’ them. You can look for those people you find interesting, follow them, and get talking to them.


Unlike the aforementioned, this particular platform is mostly for people looking to find love or companionship. On Tinder, users can view singles one at a time. Once a person’s image is on the screen, all you have to do is swipe the image to one side or the other to decide if you accept or reject the person. Left is reject, right is accept. If the other person also swipes right on your image, then you can start a conversation with them.


Okcupid is a strictly dating app that can be used to quickly find a date. People on Okcupid set up their profiles, and allow people to judge them on more than just their looks initially. There is also no swiping. You just message the person if you are interested.


This mobile dating platform is similar to Tinder. It allows users to connect with other local singles by accessing location information through your Facebook account. Blendr is slightly more formal than Tinder and less geared towards casual hookups. It still provides access to tons of singles and can help you get a date too.

So there you have it. Those are some social media platforms you can quickly jump on, and get yourself a partner if you are seriously looking to ditch the single life soon.

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