There are loads and loads of sicknesses and diseases out there, and most of them are scary. But just how many of them do you think you know about?

Well, here are five that may surprise you.


Like the name suggests, this disease named after Shakespeare’s work, ‘Othello’.

Sufferers of Othello Syndrome always have a belief that their partner is cheating on them when there is no evidence whatsoever. It exceeds common jealousy; sufferers are always preoccupied with obsessive thoughts of different ways their partner is unfaithful to them. This makes them to continuously stalk their partner, ask probing questions about their whereabouts which might result in violence.

Not to give you the jitters, but this is something a lot of people can relate to, don’t you think?


Sufferers of clinical lycanthropy have a belief that they are turning into an animal.

Aside from people thinking they are turning into wolves, published cases of clinical lycanthropy reveal some people believe they were turning into frogs, cats, horses, birds, hyenas and even bees. Weird!


This is a rare mental illness that causes the affected person to think they are dead or have lost their internal organs like the liver. Shouts like “my head are missing!” can be expected from a sufferer.


The delusion is named after French physician, Joseph Capgras, who first described it. This disease is believed by health practitioners to be neurologically similitude to Cotard’s.

Sufferers of Capgras belief that a person who is close to them has been replaced by an imposter who appears identical but isn’t the same person.

Capgras is often associated with schizophrenia but the delusion may also result from brain damage and dementia.


Folie à deux literally means ‘madness shared by two’ – well, that should ring better than the technical name of ‘shared psychotic disorder’.

The “shared madness” is observed when two (or more) people who live in close proximity come to share the same delusion(s).

In a situation where a dominant person influence another with its delusional belief, it is called Folie impose and when two people with different psychosis diagnoses influence each other to a stage they both present same disease as a result of living close to each other, maybe in a psychiatric facility or hospital, it is called ‘Folie simultanee’.

Do not forget to share this with someone out there, but remember to be prepared for any reaction from them. Haha!


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