woman irritated

They say, ‘no one is perfect’– I agree, but you’ll also agree with me that some people’s imperfections are so huge, they’re almost inexcusable and cannot be ignored. I mean, how do you ignore the fact that a 30-year-old man still throws tantrums Like a 7-year-old? Or that an adult male cannot stand up, and make a decision for himself without being swayed like weak tree branches?

Stuffs like that are appalling, and is the reason why women find some guys irritating. Like I have always reiterated, women are extremely sensitive; due to their sensitive nature, they can love easily, but can also be irritated easily. If you do not want to get on her wrong side, as a man, you must be calm, confident, calculated, and collected in dealing with them. In other words, you must be mentally mature. Women are turned on by mental maturity, but frown at things like…


As a man, you ought to make decisions, and abide (stand) by them. Most guys are like weak tree branches; they’re easily swayed and manipulated by their friends and family.

This is wrong in every sense. It makes you seem like a weakling, and that is unacceptable to women. Some guys cannot decide on an issue without consulting their mother or best friends. Some even depend on their girlfriend for help when faced with a tight situation; make you wonder who the man in the relationship is.


Some men feel that the best way to express their feelings for their female interest is to practically become her ‘guardian angel’ and follow her around everywhere she goes. They’ll befriend her on all available social media, spam her with messages, and if they happen to have her phone number, call her as much as 10 times every day. Guys, this doesn’t help, it only makes you come off as very desperate.

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