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In today’s world where there’s so much buzz about keeping fit and working out, a lot of people seem to be warming up to the idea of exercising; however, there is still a very big number of those who still think it’s not worth it, because of the amount of time and energy it requires. Well, if you do not exercise, or maybe you quit along the line for some reason, hopefully, you’ll have a change of heart after reading this.



One of the major consequences of regular exercising is that it increases and enhances the flow of blood around the body, as well as the production of cells that are responsible for mental development. Studies have shown that when you work out often, your body produces cells that aid in sharper memory as well as vocabulary retention. In children, for instance, it is proven that regular physical exercise enhances mental development, but as I said before, it’s not exclusive to them alone, you too can enjoy the same even as an adult.


The reason a lot of people suffer stress is because they don’t dedicate time for themselves to work out. Stress is a normal part of living, but you can control and contain it by doing the right thing. One sure way of dealing with stress is exercising. When you work out, you increase blood flow in your body, which in turn, helps you relax and sleep better.


Confidence comes from looking good, amongst other things. I don’t know about you, but I know that exercising is one sure way of looking good. If it’s a bigger, firmer butt you want, you can get it from squats; if it’s bigger biceps and chest, you can get it from lifting weight or simple push-ups. What about great-looking abs? Sit ups! You can get it all from working out, and the better you know you look, the more confident you are.


Due to increased blood flow in the body, your skin is better. Sweat from exercising is also important for detoxifying the skin pores. When all these happen, you are left with a healthier looking skin.


Active people are safer from cancer than those who aren’t. When you exercise, you boost your chances of being free from all forms of cancer, including breast cancer, studies say.


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