Being the perfect man for a woman isn’t easy because it requires some effort from her end too. Sometimes, you find that one is willing to do the work, but the partner doesn’t show some effort on their part. It’s emotionally draining, and can be discouraging.

However, it also has to be noted that it goes both ways. Sometimes, the problem is from us. Our partner gives their all, and expects us to do same; instead, we do the opposite. A relationship cannot work that way. There has to be complete effort from both the man and woman in order for things to work.

That said, let us get to the subject at hand. How can one be the perfect man for his woman? What do you have to do?

Being the perfect man means understanding how to keep your woman happy. This is because there’s no relationship without a happy partner. If you can keep your woman happy as a man, you are the perfect man.

Here are some quick tips to aid that purpose.


Women crave attention and care like a flower craves water to survive. If you love a woman, and want to keep her happy, you must learn to treat her like she’s important. Be there when she needs you to, and learn to listen and hear her. A lot of men do not realise the importance of these, hence their relationships suffer.


Sometimes, a woman doesn’t need you to be already made to like you; she only needs to see you’re not looking to stay poor or average for long. Women don’t like men who want to settle, they want a man who wants to keep going – a man who has a vision, and can go to great lengths to achieve them. Average isn’t attractive to a woman, she likes a man who aspires and works to be more.


Loyalty is such a rarity and is cherished so much by everyone.

A woman needs to know you will always see her as the same person from day one, and you won’t dump her no matter what. You have to be the kind of man who has his woman’s back always.


A lot of men are quick to anger, and they usually don’t know how to keep it in check. It is not getting angry that is a problem, it is keeping that anger in check. As a man, you are expected to be in control of your emotions always. When you fail to do that, problems ensue. The perfect man is tolerating and long-suffering.


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