Cheating for the regular person is having sex with someone apart from your partner or spouse. But is that really so? Research and further study have shown that cheating does go beyond penetrative sex, it is sharing with someone else, what you should share with your chosen partner.

So what are the uncommon ways people cheat?


There’s a difference between a harmless peck on the cheek, and a deep kiss. When you share a deep kiss with someone who isn’t your partner, you’re simply cheating on them.


There are millions of people who have this misguided belief that it’s only when you engage in actual sex that you’re guilty of cheating, hence, they do all sorts with other people (including oral activity), after all, they’re ‘not doing anything serious’. When you do this, you’re cheating on your partner too because they’re the only one you’re supposed to get any type of sexual pleasure from.


Some people claim they’ve never cheated, even though they have other people they have sexually deep conversations with. That too is cheating.


There is emotional cheating too. When you share with another, secrets and feelings / fears you wouldn’t/don’t share with your partner, you’re cheating on them. There are countless married and dating people who confide in their colleagues at the office instead of their partner. It is appalling.

When you cheat, you mock both yourself and disrespect your partner because it means you undervalue them and lack enough character to stay true to your promise of faithfulness.