No one loves to have a headache, as its effect can ruin your day, be it at work, school or when having a good time with family.

There are different kinds of headache, from a mild headache to migraine.

Sinusitis is a condition in which the cavities around the nasal passages become inflamed, and it then leads to headache.

Cluster headaches occur in patterns, and persistent headache is a headache syndrome that mimic chronic migraine.

Different things could lead to the various kind of headaches, but these are some of the common causes of headache.

1. Tension-Type headache is a mild headache that many people tend to suffer and probably not take serious. It is usually caused by stress and tension. Bad diet, lack of sleep, alcohol and certain foods could cause this kind of headache.

2.  Cluster headache occur within a limited time frame and normally affect one side of the head and the area around the eyes. Most times it leads to a stuffed nose and reddened eye.

It isn’t exactly clear what causes this type of headache, but research has found that an area of the brain called hypothalamus tends to be overactive during its attack — and this part of the brain controls temperature, hunger and thirst. Alcohol could trigger cluster headache, and a significantly higher percentage of people with cluster headache tend to be smokers. It has also been associated with change in sleep routine.

3. Migraine is an intense kind of headache that can last for long hours and even days. There’s no exact known cause of migraine, but it could be triggered by emotional stress, high intake of caffeinated substance, hard drugs, drug abuse, visual stimuli such as bright light, physical exertion and sleep disorder.

4. Unknown to many, poor nutrition and even dehydration could lead to headache. Deficiency of a particular nutrient(s) such as magnesium and vitamins can lead to headache.


Have you been suffering headache of late? Some of these causes might just be responsible for it.