Marriage is a lifetime commitment; when couples agree to get married, they do so with hopes of being together for the rest of their lives and building a family together. However, in some cases this might change and the union between the couple might turn sour and divorce would become more appealing all of a sudden.

Many couples separate too easily these days and some for even the wrong reasons. Some couples divorce without really putting in an effort to save the relationship.

These are some reasons that aren’t good enough to leave a marriage.


When you feel your finances are down and the best bet for you is to leave the marriage, you shy away from a commitment that you agreed to. Inasmuch as finance is an important part of a marriage and money plays a huge role, leaving your partner just because they have become financially incapable isn’t a good enough reason. Sometimes, a couple’s poor finance is based on the wrong choices they make.

If you feel your finances are down, then work to rectify it and get things in order. Running away from your marriage for this reason says a lot about you.


This is another common reason couples give for ending a marriage, and in all honesty it isn’t a good enough reason. You can’t expect your love to keep growing when you don’t put in efforts, and you can’t expect your love to be top-notch when you let slight issues get in the way of your marriage.

Love like Drama always says is like a plant, you have to water it for it to grow and yield fruits; when you don’t do this the plant would die off, just as the love would fade away.


This is another reason people end their marriages and I still feel that it isn’t a good enough reason.

People are quick to end a marriage because they take it as a mere relationship, but a marriage is way beyond that. If you end a relationship because you feel you and your partner have frequent quarrels and misunderstandings, it’s understandable, but when you do so in a marriage, it isn’t.

Find out the root cause of the misunderstanding and then it would be easier to solve this problem. If you can find out the reasons why you and your partner are always at loggerheads, it would be easier to build the relationship from then onward.


This is another reason divorce is prevalent in this generation — blame game. Couples blame each other for a  lot of reasons and the fact is that most partners aren’t ready to take the blame — and then when things get too difficult, they look for a short cut in divorce.

Stop the blame game, look inwardly and sincerely ask yourself if you have really done enough or if you haven’t contributed to how bad your marriage have gotten. Your marriage would never be successful if you are quick to apportion blames without taking responsibility.

Like I mentioned earlier, couples are quick to end their marriages because they treat it as a mere relationship. These four reasons aren’t enough to end your marriage. People are so weak these days to put in work to better their marriages.