Cool 3D Printed Gifts for Your Loved One

If you are like me, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a challenge. With a great number of holidays and birthdays happening every year, how are you supposed to find gifts that are always thoughtful and unique.

es can be a challenge. With a great number of holidays and birthdays happening every year, how are you supposed to find gifts that are always thoughtful and unique.

Fortunately, 3D printing presents a world of endless possibilities for cool gifts. We have put together a list of cool 3D gift ideas that will be perfect for any occasion. Read on and see which ideas work for you!

Mini Figurines

What better way to celebrate your loved ones with a mini figurine of themselves? Instead of the typical sports or celebrity bobble head, try a bobble-head figure that looks like your loved one.

With a bobble-head mini figure, your loved one’s best features can be cartoonified and turned into the best novelty piece of desk decoration. Having one of these out on their desk at work is sure to draw a lot of eyes and attention

For those who have a great appreciation for meme culture, you can also get them 3D printed figurines of the iconic Doge and Grumpy Cat. This is a great way to highlight your loved one’s sense of humor. Not to mention, they are made with full color and texture for full effect.

If there are children in your life, especially little girls, try gifting them with a 3D printed doll that looks exactly like them. Makies is a website that allows you to specially designed doll. You can also get a DIY box in the mail and allow the kids to design and build the doll themselves.

Pop-Out Jewelry

When it comes to the women in your life, jewelry is always a good gift option. However, instead of taking a trip to the local department or jewelry store, try pop-out jewelry instead.

Pop-out jewelry is 3D-printed necklace and earring pendants that come in the shape of a card. In the card, there is a variety of pendant shapes for your loved one to choose from. All they have to do is pop-out the pendant they want, attach a necklace chain or earring hook to it, and they are ready to go.

This is a fun, unique twist on jewelry gifts. Now, it is much easier for your loved-ones to switch out styles throughout the day. Not to mention, they still look as stunning as the jewelry you would find in a department store.

Another great way to say “I love you” to a loved one is with a sound wave charm. Now, it is not exactly a piece of pop-out jewelry, but it accomplishes expressing your love and gratitude for someone all the same.

This soundwave charm is a 3D printed visual of someone saying, “I love you”. If you prefer it in a different language, Shapeways has a variety of these charms saying “I love you” in different languages.


3D jewelry and accessories are not just reserved for the women in your life. Any man appreciates a good cufflink and 3D printed cufflinks is a great way to get a pair specially designed for your brothers, fathers, uncles and grandfathers.

Shapeways is a great website that provides a wide variety of 3D gifts, including tie clip and cufflinks designs. You can get anything from a double helix DNA design to cufflinks that look like the Hand of the Kingpin from Game of Thrones.

You can even get cufflinks that are designed to look like origami cranes. Whatever you choose, these 3D printed cufflinks are sure to bring a distinctive elegance and personality to your man’s suit.

Sound Amplifiers

Everyone enjoys blasting music from their phone every now and then, but proper stereo systems can be extremely pricey. A 3D printed sound amplifier is a great alternative that allows you to pump up your phones volume with no wires or bluetooth connection.

For example, the Bheard Sound Pod is a light-weight, portable acoustic phone speaker that uses its unique shape to amp up the acoustics of your phone’s volumes. Again, no tech or bluetooth, just a bit of science. Similarly, the Groovi Monster Sound Amplifier adds more power to your phone’s speaker with the help of its outstretched speaker arms.

This is an affordable gift option that just about anyone can enjoy. Simple and easy to use, these sound amplifiers will let you enjoy your music anywhere and at any time.

Pots & Planters

Plants and succulents have become such a trend that the demand for more unique planters and pots is incredibly high. Fortunately, 3D printing knows all too well how to answer that call. If you have someone in your life who has a green thumb for planting, a specially designed planter is sure to delight them.

For example, you can get 3D printed bike planters that attach right to your bike. This is super convenient for transporting small plants, like succulents, to your home, but it is also great for just taking your plants out for a bit of sunshine. Not to mention, it gives a bike an extra green and environmentally conscious feel to it.

Another interesting option is this stackable Plantygon. It is a great gift for those who boast a growing collection of succulents and plants since you can continuously grow the number of plantygons you have. Moreover, they plantygons can be reconfigured to drain into adjacent blocks or not at all. The print is simple and stylish that can fit in any person’s taste.


3D printed gifts are the answer for anyone who struggles with finding cool gifts. 3D printing allows your imagination to run wild to produce quirky and unique gifts that you can’t find just anywhere. The items we listed above are only scratching the surface.

There are so many cool 3D printed gift ideas that are sure to surprise and entertain. As the world of 3D printing grows more extensive, the possibilities grow as well. We hope this article was helpful to you. Do you have a cool 3D printing gift idea? Let us know!