I previously wrote about the qualities of a good wife and it’s important I balance the article by also writing about the qualities a good husband should have.

If you desire to be the husband every woman would love to have, here are 30 qualities of a good husband

1. A good husband loves the good qualities of his wife while also accepting her flaws. He doesn’t make his wife feel guilty for having the flaws she has.

2. A good husband is willing to accept responsibility for his mistakes and doesn’t seek to look for who to blame.

3. A good husband trusts his wife and doesn’t see the need to stalk her by prying into her phone and laptop to seek for evidence of cheating.

4. A good husband is always there for his wife when she needs him even when it’s not convenient for him.

5. A good husband consults his wife before taking any major financial decisions.

6. A good husband spends quality time with his wife and doesn’t allow his busy schedule to deprive him of spending quality time with his wife.

7. A good husband respects his wife and always considers her when making any decision, whether big or small.

8. A good husband should always strive to meet the needs of his family financially.

9. A good husband is dependable and someone his wife can always rely on.

10. A good husband brings out the best in his wife.

11. A good husband doesn’t kill the dreams and aspirations of his wife.

12. A good husband always compliments his wife and never stops telling her the things he likes about her.

13. A good husband is always willing to put in effort to ensure the marriage works.

14. A good husband doesn’t believe chivalry id dead and always seek for ways to treat his wife like a queen that she is.

15. A good husband helps out with chores at home.

16. A good husband knows how to make his wife laugh.

17. A good husband honours his wife in public.

18. A good husband is trustworthy and makes his wife feel safe with him.

19. A good husband will never hit his wife.

20. A good husband doesn’t neglect his wife’s sexual needs. He ensures he satisfies her in the bedroom.

21. A good husband is willing to make compromises to ensure he makes his wife happy.

22. A good husband respects the family and friends of his wife.

23. A good husband will never cheat on his wife.

24. A good husband will always apologise when he is wrong and isn’t proud.

25. A good husband is also be a good father to his kids.

26. A good husband always makes his wife come first.

27. A good husband is be a good listener. Every wife wants to be heard.

28. A good husband takes good care of his looks and never lets himself go.

29. A good husband is generous.

30. A good husband is sensitive to the needs of his wife.




  1. Can a man really be all that.. I wish my husband would be half of the list xxx

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