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These pieces of advice never gets outdated and will help you have a happy and successful marriage. Whether you are currently single or marriage, you will definitely need these tips.

Below are 30 pieces of advice that will help you have a happy and successful marriage

1. Be honest with your partner always.

2. Listen to your partner. You would know what your partner wants when you listen to your partner.

3. Your marriage should be your priority. It should always come first.

4. Always ask your partner questions if you feel something isn’t right. Don’t pretend to be fine when you are not. Bottling up your feelings is never a good thing.

5. Always buy gifts for your partner. Always.

6. Never get tired of saying “I love you”. Say “I love you” multiple times daily.

7. Learn how to argue productively with your partner without hurting your partner.

8. Have a healthy s*x life. Don’t push s*x aside as irrelevant.

9. Eat together with your partner whenever it’s possible.

10. Never be too busy for your partner. Spend as much time as you can with your partner.

11. Take baths together with your partner.

12. Respect your partner.

13. Make an effort to take care of your appearance. Your partner wants you looking good always.

14. Admit your mistakes when you are wrong. Stop acting like you can’t be wrong.

15. Forgive your partner when he/she wrongs you and avoid bringing it up in future.

16. Talk more with your partner. Drop your phone, turn off the TV and have a good conversation with your partner.

17. Hold your partner’s hand when walking and when seated.

18. Listen to music together and dance. You are never too old to have a good dance with your partner.

19. Write love notes regularly for your partner.

20. Always say thank you.

21. Accept your partner’s strengths and flaws.

22. Be patient with your partner.

23. Always kiss your partner. You should do this multiple times daily.

24. You shouldn’t fight over everything. It’s better to just let things go sometimes.

25. Have date nights regularly.

26. Play with your partner and do silly things together.

27. Never take your partner for granted.

28. Never say things you know will hurt your partner.

29. Use “we” instead of “I” always as it signifies togetherness.

30. Compliment your partner everyday.