When a woman truly loves a man, it doesn’t take a lot to make her happy. When a man pays attention to the little things, it shows her that he is caring and considerate.

Here are cute 30 things every woman wants from her man

1. Help her out with house chores.

2. Pick up the phone and call her.

3. Be a gentleman and open the door for her.

4. Surprise her with gifts.

5. Show genuine interest in her passions/hobbies.

6. Cook for her.

7. Be nice to her friends.

8. Take her out on a date regularly.

9. Pay attention to her needs in the bedroom.

10. Kiss and cuddle without it leading to sex.

11. Be her biggest cheerleader by supporting her goals, dreams and passions.

12. Make an effort to understand her and see things from her point of view.

13. Be dependable. She wants to be able to count on you always.

14. Your phone shouldn’t be out of bounds to her.

15. Introduce her to your friends.

16. Tell her she’s beautiful.

17. Make her laugh.

18. Maintain a good hygiene.

19. Believe in her and never give up on her.

20. Meet her family.

21. Be willing to compromise and meet her halfway.

22. Go shopping with her once in awhile.

23. Listen to her.

24. Back your words with action.

25. Do something special for her for no reason. It doesn’t have to be her birthday or anniversary.

26. Make her feel safe and protected.

27. Always look your best.

28. Hold her hands in public.

29. Treat others with respect. How a man treats others is a reflection of how he will treat the woman in his life.

30. Remember special dates and events like her birthday, anniversary etc.