Making money is a very great feeling, but an even greater feeling is making money by doing what you love – it feels wonderful, and nothing tops it.

Some of the happiest business people around today are doing the exact same thing – making money from their passion. You too can join them, and enjoy yourself while making great money. It is of course, never immediately easy, but with persistent and the right knowledge, there’s no reason you wouldn’t succeed.

Here are 3 tips that would help you make money doing what you love.


Every human being alive today has something they call a passion. There’s something inside of you that burns to come out always. It may be something you’re very good at, and can even do comfortably and for free. We all have it inside of us.

When you identify what your passion is, it is the start of your journey to success. Because it is the commodity with which you’ll exchange for people’s money.


It is one thing to have a passion, and another thing entirely for people to be interested in it. It is not enough to love what you do, what matters is whether or not people love it. No one will part with their money if what you offer doesn’t solve a problem for them. People only part with their money when it’s worth it. You must be able to channel that passion into something that people will crave. The most successful businessmen and women solve problems. Take a look around you. Think about the successful businesses of today; they all have something in common – they provide essential services or products.


The problem with a lot of young people is we all want to become rich immediately. No one wants to start small, and grow. Growing is okay. Do not allow greed and a lack of understanding to ruin something potentially fruitful for you. I know a lot of young business owners who charge more than even established and recognised brands. That is not good. Exorbitant prices deter people from making repeat purchases. Start off with something to attract customers, and in due time, increase price gradually.